And I pray that you, firmly fixed in love yourselves, may be able to grasp (with all Christians) how wide and deep and long and high is the love of Christ—and to know for yourselves that love so far beyond our comprehension. 

Ephesians 3:18-19 J.B. Phillips

How often do you pray to comprehend the incomprehensible love of God?

The Apostle Paul prays for every believer that they can comprehend God's love as a Father towards them. Without this revelation of love, it is easy for us to go back to a slavish fear of God which keeps us from receiving His grace.

The Greek word for "comprehend" is katalambanō which means "to appropriate, to take ownership or take possession". In other words, we are to turn the revelation of Christ's love into a personal experience—for it is through our growing experience that we receive a new understanding of His love. God's love goes way beyond what we could ever imagine or conceive or describe. Even if we think we know everything that is to know, there is still more for us to know of God's love and experience it.

God’s love is unconditional.

Having been perfected forever in Christ's love through His finished work, Jesus cleansed us from legalism, judgmentalism and isolationism. Since God did not impose a strict legalistic way of living for our salvation, or laws dictating our relationship with Him, we shouldn't treat others unfairly or take advantage of them with legalism and condemnation. 

The gospel creates a safe path for all of us, flawed as we are, to draw near to God and bring others around us who have yet to hear about God to know and receive Him into their lives. 

Often, the world views the church and Christians as unloving to sinners, uncaring in deeds, biased in tradition and close-minded around current world issues. Somehow, in our fear of appearing worldly and lacking godly behaviour, we have forgotten our call to love the lost and undeserving. Only God's love can redeem us from a myopic view that limits us from reaching out and sharing His love. 

We must allow our minds to be flooded with the dimension of God's love and pursue it relentlessly. These dimensions of Christ's love are far and above and beyond what our human minds can fully grasp. Yet, if our little knowledge about His love can transform our lives for the better, imagine what we will be like when we know Christ in all of His fullness and glory?