A church is not a place that is focused on meeting everyone else' need. Rather, the church is a community of people who gather around Jesus Christ, believing only He can meet all our needs according to His riches in glory.

Ephesians 1:18

When we don't hold on to this truth, we can easily become disappointed or frustrated when people do not meet our needs or expectations. The thing is, they weren't supposed to do so because only God can satisfy us and make us whole. Unless there is a shift in our attitude and thinking, we will run from one group of friends to another, from one church to another, hoping the next one will satisfy the longing only God can meet.

If you keep uprooting a plant and moving it to different places, it will eventually die because it lacks the stability to grow and thrive. In the same way, if someone keeps changing church for arbitrary reasons, the person really has an unsettling idea of what a church is.

You will avoid lots of painful disappointments by simply accepting the fact that no church is perfect and even the best people will fail us at times. It is good to realise that most people cannot live up to our expectations or could hurt our feelings without realising it, or always be sensitive to our needs. That is why we have to rest on God to meet our deepest needs and heal us through His perfect love.

If God is supposed to take care of us, then, the question is, “Why should I be part of a church?” Our quest is not to look for a perfect church, but to grow a healthy church life together.

The Apostle Paul tells us the church is the body of Christ and we are members of it. And as such, when we develop our own sense of personal wholeness in Christ, our corporate relationship with each other will become wholesome and strong. That's the purpose of belonging to a church because if you are healthy and growing in grace, it will contribute to the wholeness and well-being of everyone. Then our community becomes a sacred and practical space for God to bring healing to our hearts and fix what is broken amongst us and empowers us to do the same for others. This is how the whole world will know us by our love.