For we walk by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 New King James Version

It is crucial to nurture a life-long faith because you don’t always feel God or see God at work.

Sometimes, there are seasons of spiritual drought when God seems far and distant and your faith seems weak and faint. Then there are also periods of spiritual doubt when you feel God is irrelevant and not important to you. In spite of what your Christian life looks like and in spite of how you feel about it, stay true to God and not yield to the storms of life or the temptations of the Enemy.

Often God works in contradiction to our notions of Him because God wants to free us from every misconception that we have about Him. The more we are grounded in God’s Word, the greater our understanding of God’s nature and character. Then the better we walk with God.

As a child of God, you must know that God’s love for you will always be ceaseless and unchanging. Even if your prayers feel like hitting against a wall, keep seeking God anyway. Don’t assume the silence of God as something punitive or accusatory. God ‘s silence tells you more about God than you can imagine. In His mysterious way, God is teaching you and training you to have patience and persistence and perseverance.

We will have problems and troubles in life. But instead of feeling powerless and helpless, every problem we face is an opportunity for God’s promises of peace, provision and protection to be fulfilled in us and through us.

The best way to grow your faith is to rest in the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Because you are in Christ, every blessing and benefit is yours to possess by faith. This not only gives you an advantage over the storms and the Enemy, but the confidence to overcome all obstacles and insecurities.

Focus on Jesus who is the founder and finisher of your faith, and His grace which is His power is made perfect in your weakness.