25 But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.
Acts 16:25

Both the Apostle Paul and Silas didn’t fret when they were unjustly imprisoned. They instead chose to worship and praise the Lord because their faith in God was not based on where they were but on whose they were in Christ.

A study shows that prisoners who found their God-given purpose experience more freedom and joy than those who are on the outside but who have never found their purpose or calling. I believe there is validity to this observation. When you are willing for God to guide your life’s direction, you can never be safer or more secure even when you are caught in difficult circumstances or oppositions.

God can providentially use every situation of your life to bring about His purpose in your life. In the case of Paul and Silas, they went to Philippi because of a God-given vision to proclaim the gospel (Acts 16:10-11). The unpleasant encounter of being maligned and falsely accused (Acts 16:20-22) actually opened the door for them to plant the first church in Europe. It would later become a model church for other churches to follow when it comes to generous giving to needy believers and messengers of the gospel.

Sometimes you may wish God gives you a road map to navigate through the perils and pitfalls in the highway of life. But the truth is, God offers you something much better than a road map. God promised to be your personal guide who will not leave you or forsake you (Isaiah 42:16).

The implication is huge.

You have a most loving God who will never abandon you.

Paul and Silas understood this truth and that is why they could turn their prison into a place of prayer. They didn’t dwell in their circumstances, but they dwelt in God. Because their worship stirred the heart of God, God shook the foundation of the prison and brought it down. Here is a picture of the gospel. God will get to the root of what imprisons you because He wants you to be free and stay free to fulfil everything He has placed in your heart.

No matter how intensive life can be sometimes, keep worshipping because by being aware of God’s presence, you will discover God’s provision to meet your every need.


Is worship easy or difficult for me? Why was it easy (or difficult)?

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