11 He came to the very people he created]—to those who should have recognized him, but they did not receive him. 12 But those who embraced him and took hold of his name were given authority to become the children of God!
John 1:11-12 The Passion Translation


The beauty of knowing Christ is being reconciled with God and adopted into His family. We are all siblings in Christ, and we expressed our sense of belonging and unity by sharing our lives with each other and loving those around us.

The Apostle John tells us that we are given rights to become children of God the Father. What a privilege to know that we belonged to God and to be adopted into His family.

The implication of this wonderful truth is huge.

There is no need of everyone to try hard to fit in—unless they believe they don’t fit in (1 Corinthians 12:14-21). Even if you feel you don’t belong, you already belong to the Father and that makes you a part of His family. You just need to believe and live rightly according to the truth. This is the reality of your gospel-identity in Christ.

The outworking of this truth involves us celebrating the many gifts and talents from each other, out of who God has made us to be. And out of that, to grow into a family that reflects our Father’s unfailing love to all. Knowing the church is a family of redeemed brothers and sisters, we envision God to grow His family by welcoming, accepting and embracing all others.

Do you see others in your church community as your wider family of God?

The closer we are as a family of God, the more open we are to others. We want them to have what we have—and wish they experience God the same way we do. Christ empowers us with different abilities and gifts. Whatever gifts and abilities may be, let us use them to glorify our Father, build each other up and transform lives together.


Application: What is the Holy Spirit saying to me from today’s scripture reading? What is the most encouraging and most challenging about the church being a family and believers being brothers and sisters?

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