“These are the people who are turning the world upside down!” they yelled. “Now they’ve come here!”
Acts 17:6 New Testament for Everyone


Our experience of the perfect community of the Trinity gives us the capacity to move purposefully in the direction, to join God and partner with Him in His mission to a lost and broken world.

Look at the apostles and the early church. They often change direction a few times, when they see and sense God taking them to new places and out of their comfort zone. This constant seeking of God and listening to Him makes them truly disruptive and effective in sharing the good news.
How disruptive and effective were they?

They go around proclaiming the kingdom, healing the sick, driving out demons and performing all kinds of signs and wonders. They were literally turning the world upside down. In doing so, they struggled and they suffered in the midst of rejection and persecutions. Yet, instead of letting setbacks stand in their way, they actually increase the level of their involvement. Doing what God wants them to do, people and cities experienced a new level of normal never imagined before.

God works with us when we let God work through us.

How willing are you in doing extraordinary things for God, and go the distance with God? If you are willing, then be willing to shift away from what is comfortable to what is uncharted and new for us.

If it was not for the gospel and because of the gospel, the Apostle Paul would never associate himself with the Gentiles, to live with them and eat their food. Likewise, if the gospel we believe now does not produce God’s love in us to love the unlovable, the difficult and the different, we need to ask whether it is the true gospel we first heard.

The gospel we proclaim will penetrate others no more deeply than it has penetrated us. This principle comes from Paul’s word, “You are to imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.” (1 Corinthians 4:16) To imitate Christ is to do everything Christ would do and say what He would say. This obedience comes from intimate love and an authentic relationship with God.

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