1 To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Many of us are in a season of change and transitions.

Just as there are seasons in nature, we have seasons in our lives that we need to adjust. It is not the change but the adjustment to change that many believers find it challenging. And if you choose not to adjust or can’t adjust to God’s new season, you will stay stuck and not fulfil God’s purpose for your life. This was exactly what happened to the children of Israel. When they chose to remain in a place where God didn’t want them to be, they ended up walking in circles for forty years.

Walk in the light of God’s seasons for your life.

You, however, must let God lead because God won’t light the length of the path all at once. Instead, imagine God is taking you down a long dark path paved with a series of motion lights, and each step will shine enough light for you to take the step that follows. You may not know exactly where you are going but God is with you in every step you take.

Often, in adjusting to the changing seasons, God will bring us to a breaking point. A breaking point is when we must let go of our right to be in charge of our own lives in order for God to bring us to a fresh season that is totally different from the former one. And the Bible is full of such stories—where God veered the course of individuals, from a breaking point to a turning point. Think of Abraham, Ruth, David, Esther, Peter and Paul.

Where are you right now?

Are you at a breaking point or turning point?

If you want God to position you where He wants you to be—step out of the old path, and step into the new path with God. You may feel uncertain for the moment, but when you learn to discern God’s leading, everything is going to get better.

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