16 We have the mind of Christ.
1 Corinthians 2:16

God hates what sin is doing to you and you should have the same attitude towards sin as your Father. When God confronts sin in your life, it is not because He is against you but because He is for you. He wants to root out those things that are hindering and hurting you so that you may be healed. As such, when you truly appreciate what Christ had done for you on the cross by defeating sin, you can fully appropriate Christ’s victory to overcome every sinful temptation, habit and addiction.

We can recognise this truth in all of the Apostle Paul’s letters to the believers. They faltered in their walk because they had forgotten who they were and to whom they belonged. Spiritual amnesia explains the Corinthians’ fleshy behaviour towards spiritual things; the Galatians’ backslidden condition and the Colossians’ pursuit of so-called higher knowledge. They had lost the revelation of their fullness in Christ—and thus, they followed their own fleshly desires rather than trusting and obeying Christ. Paul had to reveal again to them the simple gospel of Christ so as to restore their minds and hearts to the truth and grace of Christ.

Knowing that you are saved and cleansed from every sin frees you from a sin-conscious mind to having the very mind of Christ. What does “having the mind of Christ” mean? To acquire this mind of Christ is to learn to think and act like Jesus. This will transform your mindset and thought processes in how you define yourself and in how you solve the problem of sin.

Since Christ won the war for us and His victory is complete, you do not respond to sin with a self-defeating attitude or behaviour. Rather, sin cannot dominate you when you manifest the truth of your identity and life in Christ.

If you are still plagued by sinful thoughts, ask the Holy Spirit to restore your ability to discern the mind of Christ and all that He has given you so that you can function victoriously in all areas of your life.


Am I continually cultivating the habit of thinking and acting like Jesus?

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