17 The work of righteousness will be peace and the ministry of righteousness, rest and confidence forever.
Isaiah 32:17-19, Literal Translation


There is a difference between inheritance and possession.

Someone could bequeath you wealth but you will not gain the benefit of that wealth unless you possess what rightly belongs to you. In the same way, God’s righteousness is yours in Christ for you to enjoy the richness of His grace. Yet it is still possible to come under personal condemnation and self-loathing when you do not take hold of the imputed righteousness Christ offers to you.

The Prophet Isaiah gives us an Old Testament glimpse of the gospel when he tells us that the work and ministry of righteousness produces the fruits of peace, rest and confidence, not just in this season but forever. So if you feel you have lost your overall sense of peace or rest, the only solution is to go back to the gospel and hear it over and over again.

Righteousness brings blessings.

This is because when you are secured in your right standing with God, you will find it easy and light to receive from Him. But if you are unsure of how God sees you and do not truly believe He loves you deeply, you may struggle with the pain of not measuring up and may become bogged down by feelings of guilt, frustration and resentment.

While Christians claim to have the good news, some don’t seem to reflect that good news in their daily lives. Instead of living out of their righteousness in Christ that brings freedom, they are still in bondage to elements of fear and legalism. Furthermore, they may try to impose legalism on others. This kind of relationship with God is based on the fear of disappointing God.

Being made righteous in Christ affirms God’s acceptance of you — because of who He is, not because of what you do. This acceptance frees you to rest in all Christ has done for you. It does not enslave you to the fear of not having done enough for Him.

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