9“Here I am! Send me.”
Isaiah 6:9

We don’t worship to get closer to God. We worship because we are close to God. Worship is the fruit of a real and authentic relationship with God. As such, true worship does not depend on physical location or music style. It rests on the heartfelt desire to magnify God and exalt His name.

The more we comprehend the beauty of God’s nature in worship, the more worship will transform us into the likeness of His divine nature. This transformation not only changes us, but this change will positively impact the way we relate and interact with those around us. In other words, God is not only blessed by our worship, but others are blessed because we worship God.

Isn’t it wonderful that our worship can transform nations and change cities?

The Bible speaks of Daniel as a mighty man of prayer and how God gave him the ability to interpret dreams and understand visions. It was this power that bought Daniel to the attention of the ruler of Babylon and consequently, he rose to a high position of influence in the kingdom.

Worship and mission go together.

If worship does not open our eyes to see clearly God’s heart for people, it is not worship but a self-aggrandizing gesture. Bear in mind, worship is not about us. It begins and ends with God. When the Prophet Isaiah worshipped God, he had such a glorious vision of God’s glory that led him to offer himself to God for service. He volunteered, “Here I am! Send me.” (Isaiah 6:9)

The impact of true worship moves us from the worship of self toward the worship of God; from being a consumer to becoming a contributor of righteousness, in both public and private spheres of life. Hence, we are not worshipping God only when we are in church, but at all moments of our lives.

When we are always in awe of the amazing mystery of the gospel and the splendour of our Lord Jesus Christ, worship is no longer an event, but a continuous experience of God’s grace in and through our lives.

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