14 … Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God.  
Mark 1:14 

The gospel is “kingdom-oriented”. 

Believing the gospel is not about getting ourselves saved and going to heaven, but living in the paradigm and values of God’s kingdom. We enter and experience the kingdom of God in Christ, and through Christ, and we are to mirror its supernatural reality in our everyday lives. 

One of the biggest mistakes we can make as believers is to think that the gospel is exclusive only for us and not for others whom God has also lovingly created in His image. 

We need to think beyond ourselves and change our attitude towards those outside the household of faith by building bridges to reach them and bring them back home to God. 

See your nation and its people with God’s eyes of love.

Learn to exercise your kingdom authority and power, and usher in a new season of supernatural change and transformation. We do so by revealing God’s authentic grace in visible and tangible ways. That is, to love the hurting, care for the helpless, heal the afflicted, comfort the fearful and restore the broken. 

Most Christians often feel that they don’t know the gospel enough to share it with others, and so they end up not sharing at all. 

When you walk in the revelation and lifestyle of a supernatural gospel, you don’t have to worry about with whom, where and how to share the gospel. Simply ask God for the ability to discern the hearts of those who work with you or who you come in contact with, feel God’s love for them, and reveal to them the goodness of His love. Just as the gospel had penetrated your heart and opened the door of God’s kingdom to you, share about what you have seen and heard, and let God do the rest.  

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