7 I now serve the good news because God gave me his grace.
His power is at work in me.
Ephesians 3:7

Grace empowers us to live a most fulfilling and productive life.

Any believer who uses grace to justify their lack of involvement or lack of spiritual growth is actually twisting the truth and not having the right idea of grace.

Many believers serve out of obligation and dreaded fear because of a faulty view of the gospel. However, upon receiving the message of God’s unfailing grace and true rest, they sometimes swing to another extreme—where they totally stop attending church and serving God.

There is nothing wrong with the message of grace and rest, but it is these believers’ interpretation of what constitutes grace and rest that is wrong. Most times, they see rest as doing nothing or to stay idle. Their definition of rest is not God-inspired because it breeds laziness, and laziness is fake rest. And Jesus calls laziness wicked (cf. Matthew 25:26).

While it is true that our Christian life is based on Christ and not on our performance, however, we must not confuse performance with purpose. Performance is trying to earn what God has given as a gift. Purpose is the process of possessing the promises that come with our gift of salvation.

The more you discover the gospel, the more you discover your purpose.

And the one who knows his or her purpose is at rest.


Knowing your God-given purpose will cause you to stop your frantic search for identity and meaning or for validation and approval from others. Like the Apostle Paul, you best fulfil your purpose by serving the good news—not by compulsion, but by revelation. This pleases God for He Himself eagerly yearns to reward you for your good works when Christ returns.

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