7 And as you go, preach this message: ‘Heaven’s kingdom realm is accessible, close enough to touch.’
8 You must continually bring healing to lepers and to those who are sick, and make it your habit to break off the demonic presence from people, and raise the dead back to life. Freely you have received the power of the kingdom, so freely release it to others.
Matthew 10:7-8, The Passion Translation

Our Lord is calling us back to the things that matter to Him, to the things that are close to His heart. Sharing the gospel and winning souls matter to Him. Healing the sick and setting free the captives matter to Him. Restoring lives and revealing hope matter to Him. As you learn to walk in His ways to reach a lost and dying world, Jesus will freely supply and sustain you with the power of His grace so that you can minister effectively and freely to others.

Too many of us are serving out of our own strength. We are relying on our own abilities and understanding to make things happen both in our church and personal lives—instead of believing and trusting in His power to accomplish everything. This is why we get angry, frustrated and stressed out when we don’t see results right away.

Truth is, don’t measure your faith by how much you do for God but by how much you obey Him. Obeying God frees you to faithfully carry out whatever assignments God has for you. You are not depending on yourself but wholly depending on God for the outcome. Learning to be a willing vessel for God will open many doors of opportunity for you to pour out His power and love to others.

Nothing is as exciting as partnering with God in expanding His Kingdom.

Notice how many times it says in the four gospels and in the Acts of the Apostles, “all were amazed and greatly marvelled” when the people saw the Lord working with His disciples. In other words, the demonstration of God’s power in us and through us should be a regular recurrence and not an occasional thing.

Pray that God will give you eyes to see the new way He is moving and a heart to follow after Him. Don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate to step into God’s timely season for you. Just as Jesus appointed and anointed His disciples, He will give you the same favour to change lives for His namesake.


How am I responding to Christ’s call to share and minister His grace to others?

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