The “Wilderness” Experience

[Jesus] was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.

Luke 4:1


If you have always been walking with God but seem stuck in a supposed wilderness right now, keep in mind that it may have nothing to do with any personal sin or fault on your part. Notice, Jesus was in the wilderness—not because He was weak, but because He was led by the Holy Spirit. Likewise, you could well be led by the Holy Spirit to move to your present spiritual moment.

The wilderness experience is both fundamental and necessary to prepare you for what lies ahead. It is always in the wilderness where your identity is further strengthened and your relationship with God takes a new turn. The tests in the wilderness are not designed to fail you—even though, at times they can be intense and overwhelming. Rather, God needs His “alone time” with you to pull out and put in all that is necessary to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

If you find yourself questioning whether God has abandoned or forsaken you because of your circumstances, take a look at Scriptures—no individual had ever gone through the wilderness experience for themselves. They were in the wilderness for someone else. Whether it was Joseph, Moses, David, Jesus or Paul, their wilderness experience was getting them ready to lead a promised generation to salvation and new heights of God’s favour.

Again, Jesus showed us by His example that the wilderness is not a one-time event, but a continuous process where we interact with God directly at a deep personal level. There was a time God hid Jesus in the wilderness, but the lessons He learned were so precious that Jesus hid with God in the wilderness.


So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.

Luke 5:16


If you are experiencing the wilderness right now (and if you are not, it’s just only a matter of time), you should just keep growing and learn all that God has to teach you about Him and yourself.

© Copyright Richard Tan, 2016.

All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the New King James Version®.

Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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The “Wilderness” Experience

[Jesus] was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.

Luke 4:1


If you have always been walking with God but seem stuck in a supposed wilderness right now, keep in mind that it may have nothing to do with any personal sin or fault on your part. Notice, Jesus was in the wilderness—not because He was weak, but because He was led by the Holy Spirit. Likewise, you could well be led by the Holy Spirit to move to your present spiritual moment.

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02 February, 2020
Questions and Answers
January 2020
Mr. Jesse Crause
26 January, 2020
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December 2019
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29 December, 2019
The Sixth Sense
Mr. Jeremy Ng
22 December, 2019
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15 December, 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
08 December, 2019
Conversations and Questions
Mr. Matt Tsen
01 December, 2019
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November 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
24 November, 2019
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17 November, 2019
How Am I Supposed to Love?
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03 November, 2019
Learning to Rest
October 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
27 October, 2019
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Rev. Richard Tan
20 October, 2019
The Call to Rest
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13 October, 2019
Be God's Hands and Feet
Rev. Richard Tan
06 October, 2019
Discipleship Making
September 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
29 September, 2019
Reaching Your 'One'
Rev. Richard Tan
22 September, 2019
You can be a Minister of Reconciliation
Grace Preachers - Jasper Wong, Kelvin Tan, Jesse Crause
15 September, 2019
What Does the Trinity Mean to Us?
Mr. Matt Tsen
08 September, 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
01 September, 2019
Good Fathers Are Great Encouragers
August 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
25 August, 2019
God Reconciling to Us
Rev. Richard Tan
18 August, 2019
The Art of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Rev. Richard Tan
04 August, 2019
Mastering the Language of Reconciliation 2
July 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
28 July, 2019
Conviction, Cleansing and Commission
Rev. Richard Tan
21 July, 2019
Mastering the Language of Reconciliation
Rev. Richard Tan
14 July, 2019
God's Prayer and You
Mr Jeremy Ng
07 July, 2019
June 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
30 June, 2019
God's Call and You
Rev. Richard Tan
23 June, 2019
God's Will and You
Jonathan Lee, Sang Nguyen, Ivana Deng
09 June, 2019
Our Identity, Inheritance and Impact
Rev. Richard Tan
02 June, 2019
Christ and Scriptures
May 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
26 May, 2019
Abiding in Christ
Rev. Richard Tan
19 May, 2019
Grace is our Teacher
Rev. Richard Tan
12 May, 2019
A Praying Mother
Rev. Richard Tan
05 May, 2019
Resurrection Power is in You
April 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
28 April, 2019
The Cross and You
Rev. Richard Tan
21 April, 2019
Mr Matt Tsen
14 April, 2019
The Kingdom Endgame
Rev. Richard Tan
07 April, 2019
The Planting of the Lord
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Rev. Richard Tan
31 March, 2019
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Rev. Richard Tan
24 March, 2019
The Trinity and Prayer
Mr Matt Tsen
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So You Think You Can Dance
Rev. Richard Tan
10 March, 2019
It's Time You Lose Your Shirt
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03 March, 2019
Living Prophetically
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Rev. Richard Tan
24 February, 2019
You are a Love Song of God
Rev. Richard Tan
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Come and See
Rev. Richard Tan
10 February, 2019
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Rev. Richard Tan
03 February, 2019
January 2019
Rev. Richard Tan
27 January, 2019
Receiving is a Heart Thing
Rev. Richard Tan
20 January, 2019
Increasing Your Capacity to Receive
Rev. Richard Tan
13 January, 2019
Increasing Your Capacity to Receive
Rev. Richard Tan
06 January, 2019
Start The New Year With Rest
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Rev. Richard Tan
23 December, 2018
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Mr Jeremy Ng
16 December, 2018
The Remnant in the Middle
Mr Kae Choo
09 December, 2018
God Still Loves Us
Jade Lewis
02 December, 2018
Grace@Work - Yellow Ribbon Project
November 2018
Mr Jesse Crause
25 November, 2018
Scutum Fidei / Shield of Faith
Mr Kae Choo
18 November, 2018
Everything You Need
Mr Sang Nguyen
11 November, 2018
Just Like Riding a Bike
Mr Kelvin Tan
04 November, 2018
A Worthy Heart Gives Extravagantly
October 2018
Mr Jasper Wong
28 October, 2018
The Process and Purpose of Pain
Rev. Richard Tan
21 October, 2018
Creating a Church Culture
Rev. Richard Tan
14 October, 2018
Every Joint Supplies
Mr. Sang Nguyen
07 October, 2018
Receiving in Christ
September 2018
Mr. Jeremy Deng
30 September, 2018
The Silver Thread
Mr. Jeremy Ng
23 September, 2018
Rev. Richard Tan
16 September, 2018
Essential of an Avodah Church Culture
Phil & Julie Hepworth
09 September, 2018
Grace@Work: Water for Africa
Rev. Richard Tan
02 September, 2018
Creating An Avodah Church Culture
August 2018
Mr. Jesse Crause
26 August, 2018
Relation-Ships Vs Galleon
Rev. Richard Tan
19 August, 2018
The Power of Working Under Grace
Mr. Mark Godfrey
05 August, 2018
Avodah Life
July 2018
Rev. Richard Tan
29 July, 2018
Revelation Comes from God Paradigm Shift Comes from Us
Mrs. Serene Chong
22 July, 2018
Avodah Parenting
Rev. Richard Tan
15 July, 2018
The Life Ever-Increasing Grace
Rev. Richard Tan
08 July, 2018
God's Work Done in God's Way Will Never Lack God's Supply
Rev. Richard Tan
01 July, 2018
A New Beginning
June 2018
Mr. Ernie Khoo
24 June, 2018
Trusting God's Love in Time of Challenge
Rev. Richard Tan
17 June, 2018
Living in The Worldview of Jesus
Mrs. Jade Lewis
10 June, 2018
Grace@Work with Jade Lewis
Rev. Richard Tan
03 June, 2018
Embracing Your Destiny By Agreeing With Your Identity
May 2018
Mrs. Ivana Deng
27 May, 2018
God's Presence In His Silence
Rev. Richard Tan
20 May, 2018
Partnership With God
Rev. Richard Tan
13 May, 2018
Outliers 2
Rev. Richard Tan
06 May, 2018
April 2018
Rev. Richard Tan
29 April, 2018
Staying on Momentum
Rev. Richard Tan
22 April, 2018
The Power of Momentum
Rev. Richard Tan
15 April, 2018
The Power of Believing
Rev. Richard Tan
08 April, 2018
The Power of Revelation
Rev. Richard Tan
01 April, 2018
Resurrection Sunday
March 2018
Mr Kelvin Tan
25 March, 2018
The Ministry of Jesus is a Gift From God
Rev. Richard Tan
18 March, 2018
Be a Mary in a Martha World
Rev. Richard Tan
04 March, 2018
Are You Fasting or Feasting?
February 2018
Rev. Richard Tan
25 February, 2018
True Bread
Rev. Richard Tan
19 February, 2018
The Gospel is Counter Intuitive
Rev. Richard Tan
11 February, 2018
The Four
Rev. Richard Tan
04 February, 2018
The Avodah Life
January 2018
Rev. Richard Tan
28 January, 2018
2018 - The Year of New Beginnings
Rev. Richard Tan
21 January, 2018
Do All In The Name of Christ
Mr Jeremy Ng
14 January, 2018
The Book of Jonah
Mr Sang Nguyen
07 January, 2018
Partnership With Christ
December 2017
Mr Kae Choo
31 December, 2017
Reflections on 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
24 December, 2017
God With Us
Rev. Richard Tan
17 December, 2017
Moving Ahead
Rev. Richard Tan
10 December, 2017
Is There Something Missing In Your Gospel?
Rev. Richard Tan
04 December, 2017
Moving Forward Together
November 2017
Grace Preachers - Jeremy Ng, Serene Chong, Daryl Tan
26 November, 2017
Unity and Maturity
Rev. Richard Tan
19 November, 2017
The 'With God' Life
Rev. Richard Tan
12 November, 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
05 November, 2017
From Little Things Big Things Grow
October 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
29 October, 2017
Reformation Sunday
Mr. Mark Godfrey
22 October, 2017
Live Your Story Out
Rev. Richard Tan
15 October, 2017
You Can Walk in Divine Health and Healing
Rev. Richard Tan
08 October, 2017
Are There Any Hindrances To Healing?
Rev. Richard Tan
01 October, 2017
Build Up Your Immunity System
September 2017
Grace Preachers - Kae Shyong Choo, Nancy Ng, Huy Tran
24 September, 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
17 September, 2017
The Thin Place
Rev. Richard Tan
10 September, 2017
Worship Creates a Perfect Atmosphere for Our Health and Healing
Rev. Richard Tan
03 September, 2017
Sing To the Lord A New Song
Psalm 96
August 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
27 August, 2017
A Prophetic Choir
Rev. Richard Tan
20 August, 2017
Cultivating a Prophetic Culture
Rev. Richard Tan
06 August, 2017
A Community of Healing
July 2017
Grace Preachers - Sang Nguyen, Dan Bao, Jeremy Deng
30 July, 2017
The Way, The Truth, The Life
John 14:6
Rev. Richard Tan
23 July, 2017
A Healing Community
Rev. Richard Tan
16 July, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 7
Rev. Richard Tan
09 July, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 6
Mr. Matt Tsen
02 July, 2017
Your Story Has Just Begun
June 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
25 June, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 5
Rev. Richard Tan
18 June, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 4
Rev. Richard Tan
11 June, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 3
Rev. Richard Tan
04 June, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 2
May 2017
Grace Preachers - Kelvin Tan, Melina Ng, Ivana Deng
28 May, 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
21 May, 2017
The Jesus Way of Healing 1
Rev. Richard Tan
14 May, 2017
Health and Wholeness 2
Rev. Richard Tan
07 May, 2017
Grow Up in all Things
April 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
30 April, 2017
The Starting Point of Healing
Rev. Richard Tan
23 April, 2017
Health and Wholeness
Rev. Richard Tan
16 April, 2017
Resurrection Sunday
Rev. Richard Tan
09 April, 2017
Palm Sunday
Rev. Richard Tan
02 April, 2017
Identity Crisis or Identity in Christ
March 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
26 March, 2017
Living in the Inside, Leading on the Outside
Rev. Richard Tan
19 March, 2017
Serving Under Grace
Rev. Richard Tan
12 March, 2017
Preparing for God's Next Move
Rev. Richard Tan
05 March, 2017
February 2017
Rev. Richard Tan
26 February, 2017
Cross Over To The Other Side Again
Rev. Richard Tan
19 February, 2017
Cross Over To The Other Side
Rev. Richard Tan
12 February, 2017
Living in Kingdom Reality
Rev. Richard Tan
05 February, 2017
Make Room for God
January 2017
Mr. Daryl Tan
29 January, 2017
Inside Out #5 - Discipling Communities
Mr. Daryl Tan
22 January, 2017
Inside Out #4 - The Call
Mr. Daryl Tan
15 January, 2017
Inside Out #3 - Free to Love
Mr. Daryl Tan
08 January, 2017
Inside Out #2 - Family
Mr. Daryl Tan
01 January, 2017
Inside Out #1 - Identity
December 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
18 December, 2016
Mrs. Serene Chong
11 December, 2016
Lost Found Restored
Luke 19:1-10
Rev. Richard Tan
04 December, 2016
Vision Sunday
November 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
27 November, 2016
The Kingdom is Near You
Kae Choo, Ivana Deng, Daryl Tan
20 November, 2016
Forgiven Much, Loved Much / Hearing From God / Let's Eat!
Mrs. Rinna Wong
13 November, 2016
Brief Encounter Big Change
Rev. Richard Tan
06 November, 2016
Worship and Peacemaking
October 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
30 October, 2016
The Art of Peacemaking
Rev. Richard Tan
23 October, 2016
Living as Peacemakers
Rev. Richard Tan
16 October, 2016
Salt and Light
Rev. Richard Tan
09 October, 2016
Paradigm Shift
Rev. Richard Tan
02 October, 2016
Flavour With Favour
September 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
25 September, 2016
Prodigal Father
Rev. Richard Tan
18 September, 2016
Faith Working in Love
Rev. Richard Tan
11 September, 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
04 September, 2016
New Covenant Prayer
August 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
28 August, 2016
Mark 16:19-20
Mr Lindsay Cameron
21 August, 2016
Christians in Politics
Rev. Richard Tan
07 August, 2016
Healing Is In the Finished Work
July 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
31 July, 2016
Becoming A Healing Community
Rev. Richard Tan
24 July, 2016
Vision for Mission
Rev. Richard Tan
17 July, 2016
Identity Is Influence
Melina Ng, Jeremy Wong, Jeremy Deng
10 July, 2016
Fear. Communion. Freedom
Rev. Richard Tan
03 July, 2016
Heal the Sick
June 2016
Rev. Jim Newton
19 June, 2016
By My Spirit
Zechariah 4:6-7
Rev. Richard Tan
12 June, 2016
Mutual Submission Amongst Equals
Rev. Richard Tan
05 June, 2016
First Love
May 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
29 May, 2016
Simplicity that is in Christ
Daniel Bao, Nancy Ng, Jeremy Ng
22 May, 2016
Growing in Grace / Renew Your Mind / Fruit of Sonship
Rev. Richard Tan
15 May, 2016
Grace in Your Marriage
Rev. Richard Tan
08 May, 2016
Raising A Grace Based Family
Mrs Rinna Wong
01 May, 2016
Romans 12:1-8
April 2016
Mrs Serene Chong
24 April, 2016
The Redemptive Power of the Tongue
Proverbs 18:21
Rev. Richard Tan
17 April, 2016
The Power of Resurrection
Rev. Richard Tan
10 April, 2016
Stone Made Smooth
1 Samuel 17
Rev. Richard Tan
03 April, 2016
The Power of Redemption
March 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
27 March, 2016
Resurrection Sunday
Rev. Richard Tan
20 March, 2016
Palm Sunday
Rev. Richard Tan
13 March, 2016
Be a Comforter
Rev. Richard Tan
06 March, 2016
Insights on Friendship
February 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
28 February, 2016
Choosing Friends - The Jesus Way
Rev. Richard Tan
21 February, 2016
In The Overflow
Rev. Richard Tan
14 February, 2016
The Power of Meditation
Rev. Richard Tan
07 February, 2016
Obedience Is For Your Benefit
Mr Kae Choo
03 February, 2016
Inspiration Message
January 2016
Rev. Richard Tan
31 January, 2016
God Wants To Prosper You in All You Do
Rev. Richard Tan
24 January, 2016
Start Right
Ivana Deng
17 January, 2016
The Recipe For Change
Mr Jeremy Wong
10 January, 2016
God is Constant
Luke 15:11-32
Mr Kae Choo
03 January, 2016
A Transformed Life
December 2015
Mr Daryl Tan
27 December, 2015
The Redemptive Gospel
Colossians 2
Rev. Richard Tan
13 December, 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
06 December, 2015
The Gospel of 'No More, More & Much More'
November 2015
Mr Daryl Tan
29 November, 2015
The Glory of Christ
Colossians 1
Rev. Richard Tan
22 November, 2015
Hear the Word of the Lord
2 Kings 20:16
Rev. Richard Tan
15 November, 2015
Vision Sunday
2 Kings 20:16
Rev. Richard Tan
01 November, 2015
Demonstrating the Power of the Gospel
October 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
25 October, 2015
Open Heaven - Angels Ascending and Descending
Genesis 28:10-22; John 1:43-51
Rev. Richard Tan
11 October, 2015
The Power of Hearing God's Word
John 14:23; Romans 10:17; Matthew 13:1-23
Mrs Serene Chong
04 October, 2015
Let Christ Dwell in Your Heart
Ephesians 3:17-19, Proverbs 4:23, John 16:13
September 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
27 September, 2015
Adjustment to Assignment
John 3:5-8; 2 Corinthians 1:2-4; Hebrews 11:6
Rev. Richard Tan
20 September, 2015
John 3:5-8; 2 Corinthians 1:2-4; Hebrews 11:6
Rev. Richard Tan
13 September, 2015
The Heart Factor
Malachi 4:5-6; 1 Corinthians 4:15
Rev. Richard Tan
06 September, 2015
What Good Are Fathers?
Malachi 4:5-6; 1 Corinthians 4:15
August 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
30 August, 2015
Open Heaven
Acts 2:1-3
Rev. Richard Tan
23 August, 2015
The Glory of God in the Gospel
Proverbs 25:2; Romans 1:18-23
Rev. Richard Tan
16 August, 2015
Christ, The Hope of Glory
Proverbs 25:2; Colossians 1:19-2
Rev. Richard Tan
02 August, 2015
Proverbs 25:2
July 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
26 July, 2015
Excuses That Hinder Your Assignments
Exodus 3 & 4
Rev. Richard Tan
19 July, 2015
Glocal Partners
1 Samuel 30
Rev. Richard Tan
12 July, 2015
God Doesn't Call The Qualified; God Qualifies The Called
Rev. Richard Tan
05 July, 2015
Proclaiming Jesus The Gospel of God's Grace To All People
June 2015
Mr Daniel Bao
28 June, 2015
Being a Person of Influence in Today's World!
Daniel 6
Rev. Richard Tan
21 June, 2015
Growing A Culture of Sons and Daughters
Philippians 2
Rev. Richard Tan
14 June, 2015
The Acceptable Year of the Lord
Luke 12:13-21
Mr Paul Ochieng
07 June, 2015
Arise and Shine
Isaiah 60
May 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
31 May, 2015
Success as God Defines It
Luke 12:13-21
Rev. Richard Tan
17 May, 2015
A Purposeful Life Is Not An Accident
Luke 3:21-23; 4:1-19; Judges 6:11-15
Rev. Richard Tan
10 May, 2015
A Mother's Day Sermon
1 Peter 3:1-6
Rev. Richard Tan
03 May, 2015
The Great Awakening
Acts 20:7-12
April 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
26 April, 2015
Trusting God in Difficult Times
1 Samuel 22:1-3
Rev. Richard Tan
19 April, 2015
Building Lives God's Way
Mr. Daryl Tan
12 April, 2015
The Freedom of Discipline
Rev. Richard Tan
05 April, 2015
What's "Finished" With the Finished Work?
March 2015
Rev. Richard Tan
29 March, 2015
What's Palm Sunday About?
Rev. Richard Tan
15 March, 2015
How to Enjoy God's Favour
John 1
Rev. Richard Tan
08 March, 2015
What Colour Is Your Gospel?
John 3:1-10
Rev. Richard Tan
01 March, 2015
You Must Be Born Again
John 3:1-10
February 2015
Mr. Huy Tran
22 February, 2015
Blessed to be a Blessing
Genesis 12:2-3
Rev. Richard Tan
15 February, 2015
The Gift of Identity
Genesis 1:26-30
Rev. Richard Tan
08 February, 2015
Image and Likeness
Genesis 1:26-30
Rev. Richard Tan
01 February, 2015
Made in God
Genesis 1:26-30
January 2015
Mrs. Rinna Wong
25 January, 2015
Our Response to God's Empowering Grace
Mr. Jeremy Wong
18 January, 2015
Conscious Hope of Pure Love
Mrs. Serene Chong
11 January, 2015
Now is the Time
Mr. Jeremy Ng
04 January, 2015
Go Beyond the Walls of Church
December 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
28 December, 2014
Flowing with the Favour of God
Rev. Richard Tan
21 December, 2014
Raising A GM Generation: What Kind Of Child Will This Be?
Luke 1 & 2
Rev. Richard Tan
14 December, 2014
The GM Christian
Luke 1:26-60
Rev. Richard Tan
07 December, 2014
Grace Moment, Grace Momentum, Grace Movement
November 2014
Mr Rob Cain
30 November, 2014
The Lord is Calling Us to the Cross
Rev. Richard Tan
23 November, 2014
The Acceptable Year of the Lord
Mark 1:40-45
Rev. Richard Tan
16 November, 2014
Are We There Yet?
Deuteronomy 15
Rev. Richard Tan
09 November, 2014
You Have Dwelt Long Enough At This Mountain
Deuteronomy 1:6; Hebrews 4:1-12
Rev. Richard Tan
02 November, 2014
Jesus the True Ark of the Covenant
Hebrews 9:3-4
October 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
26 October, 2014
Be the Blessed Man of the Lord
Psalm 1
Mrs. Serene Chong
19 October, 2014
Drink Well, Live Well as a True Worshipper
John 4:4-42
Rev. Richard Tan
12 October, 2014
Measuring Success God's Way
Psalm 1
Rev. Richard Tan
05 October, 2014
Be A UP Person in a DOWN World
Daniel 3
September 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
21 September, 2014
Unshakeable Kingdom of God
Daniel 2
Rev. Richard Tan
14 September, 2014
Discerning the Change of Times and Seasons
Daniel 2:16-26
Rev. Richard Tan
07 September, 2014
Exercising Authority and Power in Your Workplace
Daniel 1 & 2
August 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
31 August, 2014
More Beyond
Philippians 3
Mrs. Rinna Wong
24 August, 2014
Boldness in Christ
Acts 4:23-31
Rev. Richard Tan
17 August, 2014
Spirit to Flesh
Galatians 3:2-5
Rev. Richard Tan
10 August, 2014
The Testimony Of Jesus Is The Spirit Of Prophecy
Revelation 19:10
Rev. Richard Tan
03 August, 2014
Going About the Father's Business
Luke 2:52
July 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
27 July, 2014
Launch Out Into The Deep
Luke 5:1-11
Rev. Richard Tan
20 July, 2014
If The Gospel Doesn't Challenge You; The Gospel Doesn't Change You
Hebrews 12:18-24
Rev. Richard Tan
13 July, 2014
Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
Luke 9:51-56; Mark 10:35-49
Rev. Richard Tan
06 July, 2014
Born To Taste Grapes
Numbers 13
June 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
29 June, 2014
Do You Talk Like A Grasshopper Or Talk Like A Conqueror?
Numbers 13
Rev. Richard Tan
22 June, 2014
What Kind Of A Fool Are You?
Luke 12:13-34
Rev. Richard Tan
15 June, 2014
Giving in the New Testament 3
Matthew 6:19-34
Rev. Richard Tan
08 June, 2014
Giving in the New Testament 2
Rev. Richard Tan
01 June, 2014
Giving in the New Testament
May 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
18 May, 2014
Let Go and Let God
2 King 5:1-19
Mrs. Rinna Wong
11 May, 2014
Get out of the Rut and Get into the Groove of God
Galatians 2:20
Rev. Richard Tan
04 May, 2014
What You Believe Can Help You or Hurt You
April 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
27 April, 2014
Test the Spirit
John 4:1
Rev. Richard Tan
20 April, 2014
Colossians 1:26
Rev. Richard Tan
18 April, 2014
Great Friday!
Rev. Richard Tan
13 April, 2014
The Heart of a Son
Hebrews 12:1-11-13
Rev. Richard Tan
06 April, 2014
God’s Goodness Leads You to Repentance
Romans 2:1-11
March 2014
Rev. Richard Tan
30 March, 2014
Revealing the Father
Mark 1:14-16; John 1:14
Rev. Richard Tan
23 March, 2014
Grace Brings Freedom
Luke 4:16-17; John 8:31-36
Rev. Richard Tan
16 March, 2014
The Grace Message
John 6:28-29
Rev. Richard Tan
09 March, 2014
Who Is Christ to Me?
Matthew 16:13-16
Rev. Richard Tan
02 March, 2014
Laying On of Hands
Mark 16:15-19
February 2014
Mr. Kelvin Tan
23 February, 2014
Called to the Abundant Life
Romans 8:32
Mr. James Goss
16 February, 2014
Only Speak a Word
Matthew 8:5-13
Rev. Richard Tan
09 February, 2014
1 Corinthians 11:1
Rev. Richard Tan
02 February, 2014
Acts 2:1-2
January 2014
Mr. Jeremy Wong
26 January, 2014
Eternal Satisfaction
Ecclesiastes 3:9-15
Mr. Daryl Tan
19 January, 2014
More than Enough
Ecclesiastes 3:1-17
Mr. Jeremy Wong
12 January, 2014
Worship The Sovereign God Through The Ordinary
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Mr. Daryl Tan
05 January, 2014
High & Lows
Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Waiting upon God’s timing

Greetings to you from Brisbane! Thank God for His love and provision that I am now able to share my testimony on waiting upon God’s timing—though the waiting period sometimes seemed long, God is never late and never fails to amaze me.

I have always wanted to make a difference in the community through my profession as an auditor. After completing my chaplaincy training in 2016, this desire grew stronger, which led me to apply for positions in non-profit organisations, but the door was closed. I was discouraged. Then I remembered that Pastor Richard once preached that if God opens the door, continue to walk in it, otherwise stay put and be faithful at where God has placed you.

Following the birth of my nephew last April, I visited my sister in Queensland. Every time I returned to Perth with a heavy heart. I missed my family. I sought God’s timing and open door for relocating to Queensland. After months of silence, I asked God for a sign. In the course of the week, I had job interviews for both job applications, and I was offered positions in both organisations. Praise God for His favour!!

When God moves, He moves in both the natural and the supernatural—I was offered a position with the Queensland government. With God, all things are possible as I have no prior experience working with the government. I immediately proceeded to relocate to Queensland in December 2018.

I am blessed to celebrate festive events and birthdays with family within driving distance, and the opportunity to share the significance of baptism with my father at my nephew’s baptsim. God’s favour continues to overflow!!

I recently passed my probation a month earlier. This reminded me of the dream I had in 2017: I drove a long yellow bus through unfamiliar obstacles but managed to reach the destination with people cheering me on. Indeed, God has helped me to do exceptionally well even on unfamiliar grounds because I belong to Him.

Once again, God has made it possible for me to be an Auditor as well as a Chaplain at my new workplace and minister to people at my church. All glory to God!

Thank you, Firstlight for being true to who you are in Christ. I love you guys and praying for His love, favour and blessing to envelope you daily.

Jenisa Lau
July 2019

The Power of the Gospel

Early this year I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I had been so blessed with robust health, I had no idea what to expect. However, our Abba Father prepared me way ahead with specific scriptures and gave me a fresh revelation of the Gospel of His Grace. When the news suddenly hit me, I was amazed that I was in perfect peace. Truly His perfect love casts out fear. Jesus, the Prince of Peace lives in me!!

In the past week or so, one of the side effects of the medication affected me: sore throat and mouth ulcers. It came to a point of almost torturous pain swallowing even very soft food/liquid, except for water. One day, it suddenly dawned on me that Jesus has given me authority and power over my body. So, I commanded my mouth and throat to supernaturally function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ for every mouthful. It worked!! I continued for the next couple of days and I am now back to eating my normal food and pain-free. Thank you, Jesus!!

God sent His Word and healed me and by His stripes I am healed. I am clinging on to these promises of God and looking forward to complete healing to the praise of His glory.

Thank you to my beloved family and dear brothers and sisters in Christ who are supporting us in intercession and other practical ways during this period.

Dorothy Tan
March 2019

Healing miracle

The eating disorder’s potential bondage of 2-3 years, God healed completely in 3 weeks.

After long hours of prayer with a sister on Saturday evening, the pain in my daughter Clarissa’s stomach and chest persistently returned on Sunday night and early Monday morning. In between the pain, I received from the Lord, “Can you give me one week?”—that kept us from turning to the doctors. Greatly troubled with much fear and doubt, we hesitantly agreed to God’s invitation, believing that He would restore peace in my heart and terminate Clarissa’s pain. Dropping 7kg within a month, Clarissa weighed only 34kg at that point. Not sending her to hospital demanded our utmost trust in God, as medicine prescribed her state to be “susceptible to shut down suddenly”. Supernaturally sustaining Clarissa, God restored her body’s acceptance of all foods within the span of the first week.

In the second week I heard, “Can you give me another week?” Beginning this week, Clarissa could not engage in normal dialogue with us. She would withdraw to another room amidst conversations, process the information, formulate an answer, and return with a reply later. Throughout the week, God’s amazing healing manifested day by day, restoring intellect that had been lost.

In the third week, swelling pain severely plagued Clarissa’s lower legs; but God whispered again, “Give me one more week.” Indeed, God’s miraculous power was demonstrated once again. God transformed inability to walk up the stairs to church on Sunday due to the swelling, to restoration of healthy kidney functioning.

Praise and glory be to our God, the One who raises the dead!

Helen Cai
March 2019

God of big and small things

My name is Kieran Nguyen and I am 7 years old. I would like to share about my testimony of how God helped me with my tooth. I was losing my first baby tooth, but it wouldn’t come out. The school dentist said I needed to get it yanked out. I was very scared and worried about it hurting. My dad said he would help by tying my tooth to our quad bike and drive off, but that was not really helpful.

My mum asked me to pray for it to be painless but then I suggested, “Why don’t we pray for it not to be yanked out at all?” So, we did.

My dad drove me to the specialist. When he looked in my mouth he said, “Ahhh… I recommend you don’t do anything at all, it’s going to fall out on its own.” I felt so excited and relieved; I even got a squishy eyeball toy from the dentist!

When I went to brush my teeth a few days later, something felt funny in my mouth, and when I reached in the tooth had fallen out. I did not even know what happened! I had to ask my mum if this was my tooth, because I didn’t feel a thing. I’ve learnt to rely on God for the big things and even the small things.

Kieran Nguyen
February 2019

God’s abundant supply

Recently I went to catch up with a friend whom I don’t often see. She shared that she was involved in a charity called Share the Dignity that filled ladies’ handbags with sanitary products and toiletries. What a great charity, I thought. In passing, I said it would be great if I could get these bags distributed at The Pantry, a food relief ministry where I volunteer. Unfortunately, I had missed the registration deadline and she would inform me of 2019 registration dates. I left it at that.

A couple of days later, I received a text from my friend saying that they had received so many more bags than expected and I could get some. I rang up the Manager at The Pantry to advise what was happening. It was the answer to his prayers! He had been praying for access to women sanitary products for years.

When I went to collect the handbags, I was not expecting too many. As it turned out, despite filling every available space in my car, I was unable to collect them all. I ended up with a full car load of 250 handbags, right up to the roof! God is so good and faithful—not only did He provide enough, but in abundance! Glory to His Name!

Anna Nguyen
December 2018

Immanuel, God with us

At the beginning of high school, the most daunting was finding friends. I only hung around my primary school friends, until one of them introduced me to a new group she befriended. After a few weeks, they began to bully me about my size, made racist comments and name calling. I began to feel demoralised and disheartened. Upset and put down. Some of the girls knew I was being bullied, but never stood up for me because they also wanted to be accepted. I felt all alone.

Although it was very hard for me to leave the group where I had a sense of belonging, I felt God was telling me that it was the right decision.

In my darkest hour, I felt that God was still with me. God says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified or afraid of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

I prayed each night hoping things would change. I sat alone for a few days. I’ll never forget the day when a girl approached me and invited me to hang out with her. Ever since then, we’ve stayed friends. I thank Jesus for answering my prayer and being my friend for life; and had helped me through the tough times. He’s teaching me to become a good friend to those in need, just like how He has helped me.

“Many people will walk out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”—Eleanor Roosevelt.

Kailey Chong
November 2018

Healing and wisdom

I recently had MRI scans performed on both my knees because of ongoing knee pain since my teenage years. No surgery was required, but physiotherapy was recommended to correct the muscle imbalances around my knees. These imbalances were the underlying cause of the pain. In October 2017, I began physiotherapy treatment. Some months later, I stopped seeing my physiotherapist but continued the exercises he had prescribed. There was no noticeable improvement, so eventually I gave up on the exercises.

One evening in August 2018, during bedtime prayers with my sons, I told them about my knee pain. They laid hands on me and we prayed for healing.

That same night, I searched online for alternatives to the exercises my physiotherapist had prescribed. There were so many alternatives and I didn’t know where to start! I asked God for wisdom and then continued to research further.  Two exercises really stood out and I started using them.

Within two days, the knee pain in both my knees had largely disappeared! After enduring this discomfort for so many years, I was in a state of joyful disbelief. It’s hard to attribute the improvement to the new exercises, because of such a quick turnaround. I can only attribute the improvement to my Father in heaven. He is both my healing and my wisdom.

Daryl Tan
October 2018

God is faithful

“Identity” was the theme of this year’s TBC camp.

Eight youths and four leaders came together.  Having settled in, they were asked to write down their expectations of the camp. The two most common expectations were:

  1. Build a stronger relationship with God and with one another.
  2. Learn to incorporate God in everyday life.

These were placed on the fridge as a reminder of what God was going to do at the camp and in each life. The leaders spoke with insight on the topics of perspective, mindset and community — accompanied with songs of worship, reading of psalms — and waiting quietly on God.

On the second night, following our time waiting on God, His presence was felt. There were vivid visions, the sense of a rushing wind and words of encouragement, leading to a Spirit-filled time of worship. Then someone was prompted to sing —“The Stand“. We all joined in, standing in a circle, hands held together.

We cried out in tongues and prayed, taking a stand for this generation of youths who are lost, and that God will be their answer for everything. We declared that Christian youths would not be ashamed of the Gospel, for there’s power in the Gospel of Jesus!

God is indeed faithful! He exceeded our expectations, above and beyond what was asked or imagined! Praise Him!!

Dan & Iris Bao
June 2018

God is in control

On 14th May 2018 (Monday), we received an email from our property manager informing us that our lease would not be renewed, and we must move out within 3 weeks!

We negotiated with the property manager and owner, but the situation did not favour us. Either we moved out in the next 3 weeks or had to pay an extra month’s rental even if we moved before this extra month lapsed.

Fortunately, a week before, our immediate neighbour had moved out and the property was for lease. What are the odds! We submitted our application.

We surrendered the situation to Jesus in prayer. In the next 2 days, we received the lease! The property manager mentioned that there was another competing application, but the owner chose us even though we submitted a lower rental proposal.

Moreover, we were able to enjoy our pre-planned camping trip during this time & received the lease confirmation while on our way there. God is so good, and His favour surrounds us as with a shield. Don’t worry, God is in control!! Rest in Him.

Gary Tan
June 2018

Transforming power of the Gospel

When we were in Vietnam, we saw God transforming his people every day. Young and old generations stood in front of their community, sharing how the message they had just heard had challenged their thinking and transformed their mindsets.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed…” [Romans 1:16-17].

A lady shared a testimony that when travelling to the conference she ended up lost on the side of the road, walking aimlessly. She was so worried about missing the opportunity to receive.  She prayed to the Father and it just so happened a youth came by and mentioned there was a bunch of people gathered down the road in a nearby building. And low and behold, it was the place!!

In Australia the gospel is so freely accessible that we sometimes forget how hard people fight to hear the Word; we lose sight of the gospel’s power to transform.

On Sundays when we hear the Word our minds may wander, and whilst lunch provides us sustenance, do not forget the Word provides us wholeness.

Sang Nguyen
May 2018

God is able

When I was in KidzAFlame (Children’s Church at Firstlight), a church member passed me a heartfelt letter in which she highlighted the heart of a father wherein I would have the opportunity to minister to many people.

Reflecting on the new year, I really felt encouraged seeing how many aspects of my life have lined up with this prophecy. I have not only had the opportunity to serve in KidzAFlame and TBC (Youth Ministry) over the years, however upon graduating, God has favoured me with a job where I have the privilege to help many families with disabled children.

Seeing all this, I am not only grateful for the opportunities which God has provided for me, but also how much I have learnt from every leader, parent, youth and family whom I have encountered. I want to encourage anyone with a heart for the ministries—do not hold back but know that God is always able to work in and through you.

Jerome Yap
March 2018

A new beginning

I have been in my job for more than two years and have settled down very comfortably. I have always experienced God’s hand in turning around negative situations which enabled new opportunities to forge better and closer ties. As a result, trust was built.

Last December, due to movements at corporate level within the industry, a vacant position arose which presented a more holistic job scope. This was highlighted to me, but I did not pay attention to it. Weeks passed. After much encouragement & persuasion by my industry contacts, I relented and went for the job interview.  I received notification of my successful application after two days. That weekend, Ps Richard spoke on the significance of a new beginning in 2018. The following week, I received an offer for a better remuneration package to join the new company. A new beginning!

Regardless of uncertain economic times, God never fails to bless us when we continue to rest in Him. In this instance, He even involved others to get the job done.

Lewis Lee
February 2018

I believe in angels

On Thursday, 7 December 2017, I dropped off my vehicle for servicing at a local car dealer. Customers were dropped off at their respective residences and picked up in the afternoon.

When we left my residence there was discussion among other customers on the best route to collect the remaining customer.  The driver decided to follow the GPS instructions only.

When the driver inadvertently drove past the final customer’s residence, I pointed out the correct location.  The driver was then unsure of the best way to return to the car dealer as there were multiple exit points.

I advised the driver to take a particular route which was the longest­—it coincided with peak after school traffic and significant roadworks.  The driver followed my instructions and duly turned off the GPS system.

Almost an hour had passed when I returned to my suburb and noticed multiple police cars cordoning off an area outside a fast food outlet.  The following incident had occurred:

  • About 15 minutes before I was picked up by the car dealer, a pre-arranged fight by groups of teenage youths had broken out in a nearby park, which then continued outside a liquor store located at a nearby traffic intersection and further fighting continued outside the fast food outlet.
  • Ongoing fighting continued at another nearby park which culminated in a vehicle ploughing into a group of pedestrians waiting at a bus stop (which would have been the most likely route the car dealer would have taken if GPS instructions were followed).
  • Sadly, the whole incident took the life of one teenager and seriously injured several

That day, I was reading a book titled ‘The Prayer of Protection’ by Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church, Singapore.  I had just read a chapter titled ‘Dwell Safely in Christ, Your Refuge’ (Psalm 91: 9-10) and noticed the next chapter was titled ‘Activating Your Angels’ (Psalm 91: 11-12).  Also, that day I had watched an online sermon titled ‘Don’t Waste Your Angel’ by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, USA.

I believe God sent an angel to minister His divine protection over my life.  Praise God for His heavenly wisdom, knowledge and understanding imparted through His servants on earth.

Steven Grewal
December 2017

Sparrow faith

In recent months, God has been prompting me to restructure our finances. I have also learnt about the concept of Sparrow Faith (Matt 6: 24-29). Essentially, God feeds the birds, even though they neither sow nor reap. The birds provision is not dependent on their works, it is because God cares about them.

God sees us as more valuable than the birds and likewise, He provides for us because He loves us. God has been challenging me to rely on Him as my source and trust that He will provide for all my needs—not to focus on the circumstances or seek worldly sources of provision, but on what I needed on a daily basis.

We had several unforeseen business expenses last month. Prior to these arising, we had committed to restructure our finances and stick to it. Given the unforeseen expenses, we had exceeded our anticipated spending and our quarterly tithe was going to drain the remainder of our allocated monthly spending account. What a position to be in with Christmas around the corner!

However, what an awesome opportunity to lean into God and step out in faith to believe that He will provide all my needs. I set up the bank transfer and as I hit send, an overwhelming peace came over me. I didn’t think about our bank balance anymore and just believed God would provide. Within 48 hours, our funds had been completely restored. God loves us and will provide exceedingly and abundantly more than we ever need.

Sarah Lim
December 2017

Our amazing supernatural God

Before going for my short-term mission trip to China in June 2017, one of my concerns was I hurt my back in 2014 and was unable to work for seven months. I’ve torn the disk between levels L5 and S1 and it became a constant worry if I have to sit for too long. Moreover, we had to take a 10-hour bus ride to get to the location.

Remembering how faithful God is, I trusted that He who called me will also be the God who will provide. So, I went ahead. The total return travel time was 40 hours of combined flight and bus ride. Our supernatural God took me safely through sitting down—with no ache, no pain, and not even the slightest discomfort! I was amazed!

Unknown to anyone, I had a lockjaw syndrome where sometimes I couldn’t fully open my mouth to yawn or to brush my teeth. During dinner one of my friends, a dentist, found out that I had this condition. She just touched my cheeks and massaged my jaws. She wasn’t even praying for me. One week later, I found out to my incredible amazement that my right jaw no longer clicked and it never got stuck again.

Isn’t our God incredible? He is so mighty and willing to heal us! Hallelujah! So, I came back from my short-term mission trip healed and whole. Thank you, Jesus!


Christina Lim
November 2017

Transforming power of God’s Word

My husband Peter was encouraged by our family members to worship at Firstlight Church, but I still wasn’t convinced I needed to attend church and fellowship. Peter encouraged me but I was very stubborn.

On 13 July 2017, I read the Firstlight Daily Devotions and the Lord showed me that what I believed all these years was so very wrong. Ps Richard quoted the undermentioned scripture:

24 Let us help each other
to love others and to do good.
25 Let us not stay away from church meetings.
Some people are doing this all the time.
Comfort each other as you see
the day of His return coming near.
Hebrews 10:24-25 (New Life Version)

Pastor taught on this scripture and the words went deep into my heart and spirit. I then attended service that Sunday. When I was seated in my wheelchair, the Lord spoke to my spirit, “This is where you belong.”

From then on, the Lord worked in my life so very much. My healing came and I went from wheelchair to walking. This showed me that one can block the blessings of the Lord by trying to do things your own way. I would like to thank everyone who kept me in prayers.

Jean Moody
August 2017

Jesus heals

In early 2016, I went to see my GP for an iron test due to anemia. She was concerned with my iron deficiency and sent me for an ultrasound—and they found a right ovarian cyst. I was advised to return for another ultrasound in 6 months’ time to check if the cyst had grown.

At that time, I had no idea of miracle healing and prayed to God for a good result. I then went for the 2nd ultrasound and to my surprise, the cyst had resolved. Praise the Lord!!

Lay Khim Foo
August 2017

The unforced rhythms of grace

Our family moved from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Perth, Australia in Jan 2015 on a working visa for my employment. Life was good and our young kids could start their Australian education here. It was like a dream come true for us until I got retrenched a year after. To make things worse, without a PR—even though Rachel was in full-time employment—all of us were required to leave Australia within the next 90 days. Our children’s education would be interrupted and our plan seemed crushed.

Regardless of whatever thorough safety net we had established, this was beyond our control. It was a devastating moment for us. We questioned God’s love for us then. Why would He bring us here and have our dream and hope shattered?

I was looking very hard to land an employment but unfortunately, to no avail. No one was hiring any applicant with a working visa. Another 90 days went by, and we were still here! Rachel and I then started to surrender fully to God and believe that our Father has a plan for us here.

We applied for our PR and I continued looking for a job. Another 90 days passed, and we are still around! And another 90 days, and another 90 days and we are still here ……. We have learnt to rest and follow the unforced rhythms of His grace.

Long story short, we managed to stay on for another year (legally) before our PR was granted in April 2017. Rachel got retrenched but joined a reputable telecommunication company, our children are still enjoying their quality education and I have just started working as IT Project Manager. God’s love for us is unquestionable. He has made His presence so real to us and I believe, yours too, if you start to surrender fully to Him.

Gary Tan
July 2017

God’s perfect love

God is so faithful in providing me with a new career.

After a year off on maternity leave, I didn’t enjoy returning back to work.  Lots of things had changed and there was no option but to work full time; moreover, a well remunerated & well positioned job.

With a downturn in the resource industry and very stressful work conditions, constant deadlines, and late and weekend work, I became increasingly unhappy—it affected my family life. Sadly, this went on for a couple of years!

One night when the misery was too much to bear, I prayed for God to open doors to other opportunities even if it meant I would not be as well remunerated. Job opportunities suddenly opened up. I applied and was shortlisted for an interview.  However, prior to the interview, I decided to resign without first securing a job. I knew in my heart that I had more to gain than to lose—particularly, spending precious time with my pre-school daughter.

I put my best foot forward during the interview.  I was elated when they informed me I was recommended for the role subject to a breach period.  I was, however, vigilant not to let fear enter into my heart.  I was encouraged to claim that the job was mine.  If God had opened this door for me, no man can shut it!  After a week, I was offered the job.  God also gave me favour in negotiating the salary.

I am now enjoying my new job with an organisation that values its employees & provides much flexibility, plus interesting work and great colleagues. I also discovered that I was favoured with a good report from the assistant director, who was a partner of a firm I had previously worked with—this helped with the job application process.

Now I have time for a rewarding career, be an attentive mum and a wife that has time to cook.  Nothing like being swept up by God’s perfect love for me! Thank God for His faithfulness and His favour.


Evenlyn Tan
May 2017

My Father’s perfect love

Recently we did some renovation work in the house. We needed a skip bin for the refuse. I wanted to open the tail-gate to give me access for dumping a discarded heavy concrete slab. The tail-gate was slanting at an angle of 45 degrees and I knew it would crash down as soon as it was unlatched. I would have to hold it to let it drop gently and slowly. I never expected that it would be much too heavy for me to handle.

The moment it was unlatched, it dropped like a bomb and landed four inches away from my toes! Shocked, I looked down at my feet. The toes were still there! I looked up to heaven and uttered, “Thank you Lord for saving me!” I immediately realised that it was my Father’s perfect love that saved me from this horrendous accident. Had I stood twelve inches nearer the bin, I would have lost all my toes and worse, been crushed. By His grace and perfect love, I was saved. Thank you, Father.

Shen En Chong
March 2017

Jesus, our protector

It was a long weekend and we were heading back to Perth from a camping trip at Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup.

Traffic along Kwinana Freeway was building up as we approached Perth. Traffic flow was sometimes cruising and the next moment, bumper-to-bumper. Our car was cruising at this stretch of the freeway when the traffic slowed down once again to a bumper-to-bumper speed. At that moment, I heard “banging” noises from the rear of the car. As I looked at my rear-view mirror, I could see a vehicle—which was 4 vehicles behind—ramming into the vehicle in front of it and causing that vehicle to also ram into the car in front, etc. It was a chain collision and I could see that it was coming towards our direction. By the grace of God, the car that was right behind us did not ram into our car.

Thank you, Jesus for watching over us and keeping us safe and secure in His hands.

Dennis Goh
March 2017

God is my Father and I am His

Resigning from my accounting job in 2015 to pursue chaplaincy was a transforming journey for me with our Papa God. I was excited with the course and the new season awaiting me. As time passed, I was vulnerable too—studying full time with no disposable income and living expenses to be taken care of. In moments like these, God assured me that His love did not depend on my ability, but solely on His doing. Believing this truth has set me free. I no longer require validation from people. I am fully accepted by God and made righteous in Christ. Hallelujah! I become content to take a step at a time with Christ by my side.

After completing my course in early 2016, I came to a crossroad of job seeking—chaplaincy or accounting? I decided to apply for both roles and waited for God’s open door. When there were anxiety and uncertainty, I prayed for God’s affirmation.

I had a dream. I drove a long yellow school bus on a blue and white road in a competition. There were many obstacles to overcome on an unfamiliar route. Miraculously, we reached the destination safely and people were cheering. When I asked God for the dream interpretation, His words prevailed: Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

Even though I may go through unfamiliar paths ahead, God is with me and for me. He will cause me to do exceptionally well. With this revelation, I gladly accepted my first job offer—a 6 month contract role—in mid-May 2016.

As God renewed my mind, I no longer worry about job security. Instead, I enjoyed listening and getting to know people at my workplace and prayed over their needs. I also worked diligently within good boundaries. God has made it possible for me to be an accountant and a chaplain at the same time.

After 4 months, I was offered a permanent role and a promotion. Truly a testimony of God’s favour and provision overflowing exceedingly and abundantly as I rested in His perfect love for me. I believe that God brought the breakthrough and victory in my life and He will also do it for you. Thank you, Pastor Richard for proclaiming God’s words fearlessly, my life group who journeyed with me and my Firstlight family who encouraged me with your prayers and generous care. Above all, thank you Jesus for everything!

Jenisa Lau
February 2017

God’s Plan

It’s been a long journey! A journey full of frustrations, tears, and asking God questions which for a long time I did not understand why it had to be me until now.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which is the curvature of the spine.  I was scheduled for surgery in 2011 in India, but for some reason my spine got better and therefore my surgery was cancelled. I do believe God had a reason why it was cancelled. Ever since the cancellation, I would continue going to my doctor for check-ups.

In 2016 when I consulted a doctor here in Perth, I was told that my spine had become worse and I had to go for a surgery (bear in mind that it would cost between $100,000 and $200,000, on the higher side). You can imagine the stress I had! I was in my final year in university. And I had to think of the surgery and hospital bill.

Even though I was tired of the whole process, God showed me how BIG He is!

In June last year, I received a call from the hospital and was told that my total surgery and hospital bill had been fully covered. God used a man (whom I didn’t know or haven’t seen) in the hospital to fight for my case until the insurance company agreed to cover every single expense. I have never been in so much shock in my life. God truly showed me how BIG He is!!

I would have studied anywhere in the world but God led me to Perth—now I understand why. On December 6th 2016, I had a successful surgery.  In the x-ray on your right is my curved spine before the surgery, and on your left is me after the surgery (nails and rods have been placed in the spine).


Rachel Muthoni
February 2017

Jesus, the source of all light

When we came to Malaysia for a conference, we had planned on being there for just 3 weeks.

168 days later, we finally said goodbye to Malaysia.

Although there were many things to enjoy about big city living, it was an unsettling and frustrating time, not knowing what our next steps would be.

Looking back on that time in Malaysia, we can see God’s hand in it all.

Within a week of arriving in Malaysia, we had found a place to stay. Amongst the Interserve community, close to everything we needed, cheap, nearby to a Nepali church and with schooling options for Joel. The previous tenants left the exact day we needed the place. And there was a family with similar aged kids who had been praying for a family to connect with.

Over the course of our time there, God opened our eyes to the refugee situation in Malaysia and gave us opportunities and contacts for Interserve and Firstlight to partner with one of these organisations.

It also ended up to be a valuable time for our family. The boys enjoyed the routine of morning school followed by family outings. And we all really enjoyed the amazing food on offer. However, in the back of our minds was always the question of what next.

It was a faith testing time for us with God reminding us to not look too far ahead.

“Follow me” was His call. In the darkness, we find it hard to see even a few steps ahead but we were reminded to just follow step by step after Him—the source of all light.

Huy Tran
January 2017

God hears us

Some months ago, we were advised that we had to replace our oven (under 5 years old) as one of the oven door hinges had fallen apart & the appliance company did not have the particular part in stock—this model was no longer in production. Cost of repair was $250 & replacing the oven would cost us $2,800.

We contacted the manufacturer and were advised to search online as someone in Australia might have it in stock. We found a supplier online & passed this information to the appliance company which was going to do the repair for us. However, they could not get it and so we had no choice but to have the oven replaced.

It so happened that the technician who came to install the new oven had encountered the same problem before & he found the screw under the door of the original oven. So, we ended up paying only $50 for the repair job. Hallelujah!! God came through for us!!

Actually, I had forgotten what I said when my husband, Louis, was checking online for the part: I prayed that we only needed one hinge & surely He can find it for us. Louis agreed & we left it at that. And He did!! Truly, God hears us & He also remembers.

Another lesson learnt….before confirming the work order for the new oven, I found that if we were to purchase the oven ourselves, we would save $500. But, we decided to let the appliance company handle it all. If we had purchased the oven, we would have to go through the hassle of having to buy the oven & then returning it. A lot of self effort!! But God in His love & grace made it so easy for us. We are again reminded to rest in His goodness and the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Dorothy Tan
December 2016

God’s perfect timing

For the past couple of months I had been looking for another job. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go for a job interview. The interview went well and I was told that I would get a call the following day regardless of the outcome.

The next day I went to work and was told that I was made redundant. During the whole redundancy conversation, my mobile phone was ringing but I couldn’t answer the call. Someone left a voice message for me to call back. When I checked my phone later that morning, I realised that it was from the company that I had an interview with. So I returned the call and found out that I have been offered the job! Praise God!

I hope this testimony will encourage those who are going through tough times. Just remember God’s timing is always perfect.

L Chan
October 2016

The goodness of God

During this economic climate, the company I was with announced on staff reduction. It was not a good sign when I received a meeting invitation with the Human Resource one Friday. The meeting was scheduled for next Tuesday and I had predicted the outcome. As I am the bread winner in the family, I was devastated and lost. I began to doubt if God heard our prayers as my situation just got worse.

That Monday night, a voice came through in my head—I knew it was God. He told me, “You shall find peace”. How would I find peace during these times? While I was sharing this with my husband Gary, my brother and his wife—who had just arrived that afternoon from overseas—came over to our house. She is a pastor and told me that God had a message for me, and which she had to deliver on this night. God wanted me to hold on to His hands, and remember Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” She ended by asking me, “Have you found your peace now?” I received the same message from 3 different persons separately that night, and this strengthened my faith in God.

God is real! I have been praying for His guidance and His will to provide for us, and have faith in Him always. He closed one door and opened another door for me. Within a month, I have a new job! Praise the LORD Almighty!

Rachel Lam
October 2016

The favour of God

For a while, I have felt that God has been guiding my career in a very specific direction, and I was confident that my application for a certain work position would be successful. When I found out that I had failed to secure this position, I was devastatingly disappointed. I hadn’t applied for any other positions, and in my panic, defaulted to depending on my own strength to make secondary plans. I spoke to the emergency department I was working in at the time, only to find out that their application process was closed. I explored all avenues, including working rurally.

During Lifegroup, Ditza pushed me to share what I was going through despite me still feeling the need to wait till things were a bit more in my control. My Lifegroup prayed that God wouldn’t be limited by my own plans and that he would work through avenues that couldn’t be seen to man.

Yesterday, I had a successful interview with Bunbury Hospital and was offered a job. The true surprise and blessing from God came when I received a call from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital saying they could offer me the same position. I couldn’t say that it was my own effort that got me there. I didn’t have to go through an interview, I didn’t have to submit an application; I had merely expressed interest in the department that I was already working in, and God had worked behind the scenes to secure this position for me.

Joshua Ho
September 2016

Jesus, my deliverer & healer

I am a 43-year-old mother of 4 happy kids and wife of a wonderful man. I was fit and healthy, living a very blessed and active life. On the 13th of June, our world was turned upside down when we discovered a mass in my pancreas. Biopsy the next day confirmed pancreatic cancer. PET scan confirmed it was contained with no distant spread; however, the head of the pancreas, duodenum and lymphatics were involved.

Prior to diagnosis, I did not have symptoms nor was I jaundiced. I had 10 days when I suffered indigestion whenever I ate oily food. However, something in my spirit told me that there was a mass in there that should not be there. My husband Colin (a radiation oncologist – one of his specialties is pancreatic cancer) couldn’t feel anything on palpation; but because we know God’s voice, we immediately got an ultrasound done and our journey began.

Within 10 days of the diagnosis, I had the Whipple’s operation, which is the biggest abdominal surgery one can have. It is by God’s grace and favour from Colin’s colleagues that the operation happened so quickly. Six surgeons offered up their theatre lists so that I could be operated on.  We went into the surgery excited because we knew God was with us. The 8 hour surgery went well and they managed to remove the tumour with good margin although 4 lymph nodes were involved. After extensive pathological review  they changed my diagnosis to a rare and aggressive form of duodenal cancer which has a better prognosis than pancreatic cancer. Praise God!

I was discharged home on Thursday, 14th July after nearly 3 weeks in hospital. I was kept in longer than expected as when I was put on solid food, my lymphatics leaked essential lipids and protein into my abdominal cavity rather than absorbing it and distributing it to the rest of my body, and thus I was losing nutrients. Subsequently, I had to be put on intravenous feeds.

After 3 weeks of leaking lymphatics, with a daily output of about 1000 ml initially, it took a long time to come down to 150 ml daily despite various interventions. I got fed up one night and just prayed out loud with authority, declaring healing over my lymphatics and commanding it to seal and heal in Jesus’ name. The very next day the overnight output from my lymphatics was zero. Over a 24 hour period it was 5 ml and it was so for the next five days until the drain was removed. Even the surgeon said it was odd and had no medical explanation for why it would stop suddenly. We know this is the work of Jesus, Son of the living God.

We have truly felt God’s presence and peace from day one. We have seen His hand in everything. In the first few days of the diagnosis, the image that kept coming to me was that of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I know our God is walking with me through this fire but I also know He will deliver me just as He did for them. Through a revelation given to me, I believe that God has promised me complete healing and I know His word does not return to Him void.

We know this cancer is not from God for He is a good good God. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, and chaos is what he does best but we know that we already have the victory in Christ. God is indeed so good and we can’t praise Him enough for raising our faith to be able to withstand this trying time.

Before my operation, our Church prayed for us and people, including children, came to lay hands. A lady from church, who I do not know, came up to me after service. She said that as we were praying and with everyone surrounding me, God gave her a word for me.

He wants me to know that He has heard our prayers. He has seen deep into my heart and He knows. He is going to give me a new song. Pam doesn’t know what that song is but when I sing that song, people will listen and they will be able to relate and they will see Him.

When Satan decided to mess with us, he didn’t bargain for the fact that God would raise up an army of warriors all around the world, to pray and believe alongside us. We have so many people praying for us, people we don’t even know from all around the world. This is what the body of Christ is all about.

There is still a long road ahead with 6 months of chemotherapy ending at the end of January next year. We are believing in our God for miracles.

Thank you for coming alongside us and praying with and for us. We are touched beyond words by the kindness and generosity shown to us. God bless you all.

Elaine Tang
July 2016

Grace at work

When my family and I migrated to Perth eight years ago, I landed a job as a retail car sales person based on my previous relevant experience in Singapore. During the recent economic downturn, the retail sector has been adversely impacted and thus affected the income of everyone in the motor industry. I was not spared either.

Through the years, I have experienced God’s unmerited favour and always believed that in the spiritual realm, God’s economy is totally different from the world’s economy.

God will open up opportunities for us even when it seems impossible.

Last year, I was praying for a business opportunity to establish a chartered limousine service via acquiring a franchise through an old client of mine. Hence, exiting the motor trade after having spent twenty years in it when God gave me another opportunity.

Having been in talks with a car manufacturer for more than a year ago about an employment opportunity at a regional management level, I was offered the job with a much higher-than-expected remuneration package. This was unexpected due to current economic climate coupled with the fact that I do not possess any local management experience.

Eventually, I was able to hire an experienced person for my new business venture, and at the same time, took on the new job. My ex-colleagues and friends were amazed with my double feat, but I always tell them because I rest in Jesus’ finished work, it is now Grace at work.

Lewis Lee
April 2016

Jesus, our Healer

At the wholesale bakery where I work, when the baking racks are pulled out from the industrial ovens, they are cooled down before being shifted to an area near an industrial fan for further cooling, then into a walk-in fridge. Part of my job is to pull these racks into the walk-in fridge.

One afternoon, I grabbed a rack near the fan area with my left hand and immediately yelped in pain – my palm was burnt. Apparently, this rack was fresh, directly from the hot oven.

The burning sensation was excruciating!! I went to the nearest sink and put my palm under running water, and was declaring softly that Jesus shall heal my palm and cause the pain to go away. I also applied some burn cream. As I continued working for the rest of the afternoon, the throbbing pain could be felt and the discomfort was barely bearable. Furthermore, I’m a left-hander!

Back home, the pain was still there. The next morning, as I was getting ready for work, a soft voice spoke to me: “Have you forgotten about your hand?” I looked at my left palm. There were no signs of a burnt scar or mark at all! I even pressed and clenched my fist. I couldn’t believe it. It was pain-free. I had actually forgotten about the incident and the Lord had to remind me.

I thank Jesus for this complete healing — the restoration was so quick that I wasn’t even aware of it. Praise God for His goodness. All glory to Jesus, our healer!!

Dennis Goh
April 2016

The goodness of God

We moved to Australia in January 2015, thinking that it was a good start for our family. All was good until the recent oil price slump impacted the company I was working for. I was one of the 45% employees retrenched in October 2015, putting me in a bad position as my whole family was on a working visa which would be terminated without any employer sponsorship.

We were not ready to head back to Malaysia as it had been a huge change for us coming over here, especially with both kids having settled very well at school. We decided to pull through this difficult time. However, we require a PR to remain in Australia. We were told that the process would take a long time — up to 2 years — and my current work visa would not last that long.

We prayed to God and let God handle this situation. We submitted all the documentation for Expression of Interest for a PR. All we could do after that was to REST, PRAY and have FAITH in our Lord.

God did His wonders. In just two short months, we were notified by Australian Immigration that we were eligible for PR! This was like a miracle! Friends had been telling us that it’s impossible to be that fast.

We have submitted all the required documents and now waiting for the final processing to take place. Although our eventful saga has not concluded yet, we have faith in Christ that He has the best plan for us!

Psalm 145:18-19
18 The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,

To all who call upon Him in truth.
19 He will fulfil the desire of those who fear Him;

He also will hear their cry and save them.

Gary Tan
March 2016

Jesus helps me

It was the day of my netball match. I felt excited, because we, being the top team, were certain of winning. I was at home getting ready to put on my jacket. In trying to put it on faster, I pulled the jacket over my head instead of unzipping it. I struggled through the small opening thinking that I could squeeze  through. How wrong was I! I was stuck underneath my jacket with my top right eyelid caught in the zip. Suddenly, I felt hard to breathe. So I screamed for help. My parents rushed to my aid.

I was in tears. They tried cutting open my jacket — it gave me air, but I was still stuck. My first thought was how silly was I to get myself into this sticky situation; and I might have to go to the hospital for surgery. Then I thought of praying to Jesus for help. And we prayed out loud!

Then my Dad suggested zipping the jacket downwards. So I lay down on the couch and cautiously followed his instructions. As I pulled down the zip I could feel my eyelid becoming loose, but hurting at the same time. Finally, the jacket came off. My eye looked like it had been ripped — it was bruised with an extra fold. Well, I didn’t make it to my netball game but I found out we won!

Thank you Jesus for being with me and answering my prayer. My eyelid healed after about a week, but a fading scar is still evident. From this I learnt that everybody makes mistakes, but God is with us always. When we turn to Him in prayer, He always answers.

Kailey Chong
February 2016

Mission Australia Christmas Lunch

I was glad that we were at Mission Australia lunch on Christmas Day instead of in church or with family — what an opportunity to express the reason for Jesus’ birth! (John 3:16)

I volunteered as a table host because I wanted to experience giving His love I have received so that all who believe can have everlasting lives.

Sok and I were hosting Geoff, a homeless middle aged Aussie man from Mission Australia Home; a retired Sikh couple from Malaysia on holiday in Perth who could not find any cafe open for lunch; Mike, a Vietnamese Engineer whose family was away for Christmas, and four kids spilt over from the next table with a large extended Indigenous family.

We were all thankful and honoured to be served yummy turkey and ham for lunch, delicious ice cream and cakes for dessert. We enjoyed the wonderful entertainment with peaceful music and festive songs. Everyone was happy to bring home a Christmas present generously donated by corporate, church and personal sponsors.

The rich and the poor, strangers of the land and those who were lonely, we all sat down together to experience the love of God through our conversations, laughter and celebrations.

The spirit of Christmas, the grace of God was truly present in God’s angel armies in hosting; and also to all our courageous guests at the lunch. Praise God for His wonderful gift of His Son — may His grace be experienced every day and in every way here on earth as it is in heaven.

Ernie Khoo
January 2016

Jesus heals!!

It was a Saturday evening and the sun had long gone. A strong gale had picked up, and the sky was becoming darker by the minute – only a faint glow allowed us to continue with our training at school.

The lights in the classrooms were extinguished and sound ceased; soon enough, silence shrouded the sports oval. A stout tear welled up in my eyes as excruciating pain surged into my left knee. Desperate and in agony, I tardily hobbled in continuing pain. Minutes had past, and at last the pain subsided. I breathed a sigh of relief. I took no notice of the trivial pain as I had had many such sudden pains before, and this was no different.

Several days went by, and soon it was Sunday. After the main church service, we headed off to KAF (KidzAFlame, Children’s Church Ministry).  During KAF, our class teacher & the children prayed three times for healing of my knee. The first attempt was slightly successful with the pain subsiding. The next resulted with some improvement and perplexed, we were animated. On the third time, the miraculous God had done something in me – He healed me!

Being able to walk slowly was startling. Yet, being able to put my full weight on my knee was bewildering. Feeling triumphant and blessed, I walked out of that room from an agonizing knee to a knee with hardly any pain at all. Thank you Jesus!!


Clarissa Qiu
October 2015

In His time

About a year and a half ago, Phyllis and I were reviewing our plans regarding our children’s high school education. Financially unable to send them to a good private school, the alternative was to move to a suburb with a good public high school. We were also not in a financial position to move. So, we committed the whole matter to our Father in prayer.

We began to see our prayers answered this year miraculously, and put our home for sale in mid-April 2015. We faced constant delay in loan application and poor response to home open. Our initial excitement soon turned to discouragement. However, God continued to journey with us, teaching us to rest – assuring us of His presence.

The turning point came when we changed our broker. Within 2 weeks, the best possible loan was arranged. We continued praying to sell our home before leaving for holidays in July.

In late June, an appointment was made to view our home. That morning, God told me to identify and speak to the mountain/obstacle. So I said, “House you need to be sold, in Jesus Name.” They made an offer the next day. Although below our desired price, we eventually had the peace to sell.

We also found a house that fulfilled our requirements. We made an offer below the asking price, but was not accepted. However, the owner’s agent was constantly speaking in our favour. By God’s grace, the purchase was completed a day before we left for our holidays. We bought our house $50,000 below its valuation. Praise God!!

Through this, we are reminded again that in every situation, we are assured that the day we commit it to our Father is the day the tide of the battle starts to turn towards our favour (Psalms 56:9 – TLB).

Edmund Ong
October 2015

God, the Giver of Life

God is truly the life giver and the One who gives us the very breath that we breath.

I have never been so aware of this as much as I was during my recent labour and birth of my third child, Silas. My other 2 children were born by  caesarean section, so the midwives were somewhat nervous and were keeping a very close eye on Silas’ heart rate during the labour. Towards the end his heart rate did drop quite low and didn’t improve as quickly as it should.

Although the midwives were worried, I had felt so much peace and assurance from God throughout my pregnancy that He was with Silas; and He was in control of bringing Silas into the world. Sean and my other support person began to pray for his heart rate to improve and declaring life over him. Soon enough his heart rate improved to a very steady and good rate and the midwives were happy to allow the labour to progress naturally. He was born and grew stronger – as strong as he should be!

Alison Agleham

September 2015

God of Abundance

When our family decided to re-locate to Perth, I was more than prepared to just be a stay at home mom and perhaps get a part time job that allows me to work from home. Ever since we arrived in Perth, I have not searched or applied for any jobs. However, one day I received a call from a friend who was a lecturer in one of Perth’s universities. He asked if I was interested to do some casual research work and I could work from home. I was delighted and accepted the offer.

During this time, we were also believing as a family for my husband to get a job in Perth. With the casual arrangement I was in, I was only paid for the hours worked on the individual assignments; hence, I asked God to provide me with more assignments.

God is truly a God of abundance who always over supplies what you ask of Him. Instead of giving me more assignments, He opened another door of opportunity for me to be a part time lecturer with the university! As I would be managing mostly the postgraduate online units, I get to work from home most of the time too. What’s more, when the offer was confirmed by the school’s board, it was at a higher pay level than it was initially proposed!  This is definitely a work of God as I literally did nothing to get this job offer with such an arrangement, plus I have no prior teaching experience! It was effortless!

August 2015

Thumb completely healed

My 6-year-old son’s left thumb had a callus growth since he was about 3 or 4 and it grew bigger every year such that half of his thumbnail was growing over the callus. Eventually, it became quite painful if touched or pressed.

I brought him to our family doctor to check on his thumb and see if there’s something that could be done to the growth since it was getting worse. The doctor said that because of his young age, it was not advisable to use the cream or ointment as it contains steroids – it might accidentally be ingested if he’s not careful. Besides, such treatments are not very effective. Hence, his advice was just to leave it as it was, as such growth would not lead to other more serious conditions.

Life went on and one day, my son raised his thumb to me and said, “Mummy look, it is gone!” It took me a few seconds to register that the growth on his thumb was completely gone – there was not even a slightest trace that it was ever there before, even his thumbnail looked normal! His thumb was completely healed! All praise to Jesus!
Julia Goh
August 2015

God Is Never Late

With the recent downturn in the resources sector, the company I was working for was forced to lay off hundreds of employees – my turn came in March 2015. I was not concerned at the time as I believed, and still do, that I am favoured and God will place me in an even better position. I had no idea that I was about to embark on a 5 month journey where I would be challenged emotionally, financially and spiritually in so many ways.

Despite my prayers, meetings with employment agencies and large number of job applications, there were no offers of employment. With the weeks, then months, passing by and funds running out, a sense of anxiety and confusion overwhelmed me each time I took my eyes off Jesus and focused on my bleak financial situation. I have never doubted that God loves me & is always faithful, but months of being faced with electricity being switched off, car being repossessed and not knowing where money was going to come from for food, it was often hard to not be anxious and confused as to why a breakthrough was taking so long.

In early August, I was made an offer to join a construction consultancy firm despite my late application. In fact, the position had already been filled. The company believed that I was a perfect fit for the organisation – with very good potential for career growth.

It then occurred to me that not only had God provided a job for me, but had answered the desires of my heart – I am now with a company that has a strong positive culture and I can help people in the construction industry without compromising my Christian values. Praise God!! He answers prayers.

Often in my life God has not been as early as I would like, but HE IS NEVER LATE!!!

David Crause

August 2015

Our All Sufficient God

Due to space constraints and growing kids, we felt the need to renovate our house but it wasn’t a smooth process. Twice the renovation work was stalled because the contractor didn’t turn up to sign the contract. After a while, we decided to build a new home altogether. We approached several builders but weren’t satisfied with their designs.

After 2 years of considering all possibilities, we became tired and disappointed and decided to give up. However, we continued visiting display homes. One day a sales representative of a building company made an unexpected follow up call and proposed a plan to us. And it was the best plan ever!!!

By the grace of God, my husband was blessed with a new and a better renumerated job. In addition, a wonderful couple in Christ leased their newly built house to us when we were building ours. It is through this experience we have learnt to rest in the natural and let the supernatural work. Indeed His grace is sufficient for us. We are so grateful to God for His unfailing love – He has provided more than we could ever imagine or ask for.

Our God is a good God.


April 2014

Our Miracle Children

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) when I was 15 years old, and told by the gynaecologist that I would have trouble conceiving children naturally, in later years. I started on medication, which I took for many years.

During this time, I learned much about God and believed Him for healing of this condition. I prayed and came off the medication, but both times, my PCOS symptoms returned.

In 1999 Kevin and I got married. One day, I came across the story of Hannah, who asked God for a son – Samuel. By that time, we had been married a couple of years, and the desire to have children was growing steadily in my heart. The anguish of Hannah’s prayer resonated with me, and I found myself asking God for a ‘Samuel’.

I stopped my medication, but in the back of mind, I knew that after taking medication for so many years, my body would take time to ‘adjust back to normal’!

Three months later, we found out, to our utter amazement, that I was pregnant!

The ‘Samuel’ I had asked for, turned out be our ‘Charis’, the first of our ‘miracle’ kids. Two years later Ashlyn was born, and another two years later, Josiah came into the world. All our children were ‘naturally’ conceived and birthed in human terms, but we came to more fully understand the truth that actually, they were ‘supernaturally’ conceived and birthed, in the mind and heart of our Heavenly Father!

Sonia Chong
May 2014

Amazing Grace

One day, my husband showed me an advertisement for a full time job as a purchasing officer in a well established W.A. company distributing licensed sportswear. I had no confidence to apply as I had not worked since I moved to Australia in 2003. My experience was a supervisor in the sales department for an import & export company while I was in China.

I was doubtful and hesitated to apply, not believing what God had in store for me. A few weeks later, when someone prayed for me, I heard a word saying, “Go and apply for the job. It is a blessing!” I recognised it was God speaking to me & promptly submitted the resume. Soon after, I was asked to go for two interviews. I told them about my previous working experience in China, and that I had two primary school aged children whom I would need to take care of. At the end of the interview, I was offered a part-time job – working within school hours – instead of the advertised full time position. This is amazing!

It was certainly the grace of God – a housewife without Australian qualification and relevant working experience, and yet I got the job.


Helen Cai
April 2015

Jesus, Our Immanuel

A week prior to the HBF 4Km walk, my body was racked with pain, nausea and headaches due to Rheumatoid Polyneuropathy.  I started to stress and became anxious about the walk as I had never done this before. Every day as the pain continued, the stress increased until the day before the walk I heard Jesus quite clearly say to me, “Instead of being anxious, look forward with excitement to the walk”.  It was then that I realised that whatever we do, Jesus is with us and all is well. So I changed my mindset and was up bright and early. I did the walk in 55 minutes and 20 seconds (although by the 3km post I did say “Jesus take the wheel”).  He did! And I finished and beat David which was on my “to do” list.

Praise the Lord for never letting us down but bringing us through all our trials and anxieties.


Gaye Crause
May 2015

Power of His Love & Holy Communion

It was exactly eight months ago, on 23 Nov 2014, when I fell flat on my back in the shower and my head hit & jammed the shower door. Fearful thoughts flashed through my mind, especially as I was due to fly home to Perth in three days’ time. Almost immediately, the words, “Jesus loves me” repeatedly crossed my mind, accompanied by His tangible presence & love. I just called on His Name & asked Jesus to help me get up – in my weakness, He was my strength!! Miraculously, despite the initial shock & excruciating pain, I was able to stand up, squeezed through the shower door & went straight to the bedroom. Managed to dry & dress myself & plonked myself on the bed – motionless. Within minutes, my family came in. Had Holy Communion & prayed in the spirit before calling for the ambulance.

Praise God, the X-rays revealed no fracture & I had no signs of concussion. No bruises either. Given pain killers & anti-inflammatory medication. Also had the opportunity to pray for & witness to my room-mate & family while in the hospital.

Abba God answered our prayer for: speedy recovery, favour for replacement air tickets at nominal cost and comfortable flight home – discharged on the third day & arrived in Perth within a week. What a powerful testimony to my family in Penang. Moreover, God prompted us to get travel insurance – not our norm – for this trip & this took care of the medical expenses.

I am well now. O, what manner of love our Father has for us and the glory of the finished work of Jesus on the cross!!

Dorothy Tan
July 2015

His Amazing Grace

I had grown up with singing traditional hymns which I love immensely for their beautiful lyrics. I recall voicing my disappointment to Ps Richard that hymns were not being sung at our church. His suggestion was for me to join a group that sings in our hospitals.

It was the best thing I’ve undertaken when I joined the Healthcare Ministry. It has been a joy to go into the Rehab & Dementia Wards and sing to patients – many are elderly and some are there for months.

Over the years I’ve seen God’s hand at work even in these most dismal conditions. As the music wafts along the corridors and into the rooms, we will find patients getting out of their beds to check out where the music was coming from. Quite often we have a gathering of patients singing along or just enjoying the music in the corridor.

Late last year, a visitor requested “Amazing Grace” for her dying mother. The following week we were told that her mother died peacefully and she appreciated very much our timely visit to the hospital.

A few months ago, we sang to a 92 year old non-believer. We prayed over him and he ended up giving his life to Jesus. And a female patient, who had never made a commitment, requested a prayer and repeated the “sinner’s prayer” – Hallelujah!

It is such a joy to be able to sing of God’s goodness, grace and mercy. I have seen eyes that looked sad and defeated, light up when we show up and they return to their beds feeling happier and with spirits lifted up. We thank God for giving us this special gift to serve Him in this manner – to many who face a hopeless & bleak future, yet now have renewed hope and faith in our amazing Abba Father.

Annie Pun
Aug 2015