16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.
Romans 1:16 English Standard Version

Have you ever regretted or lost momentum in following Jesus?

Most of us, if we are truly honest with ourselves, will have moments of feeling disappointed and frustrated, especially when we are not experiencing God’s promises in our lives. If you don’t counter these negative thoughts with the excellent truth of God’s Word, they will end up controlling your life and hurting your faith and relationship with God.

Don’t let momentary trials and trouble sidetrack your faith.

Even though the Apostle Paul faced many difficult and dangerous situations as he followed Christ, he was never ashamed of preaching the gospel. The Greek word for “ashamed” is epaischynomai which means “to feel shame for something” (Strong’s G1870). The gospel may look weak or even foolish by worldly standards, but it is really the power of God saving all who believe. It is this revelation that gave Paul the impetus and direction to preach the gospel faithfully and in doing so, he witnessed God’s faithfulness in saving him on many occasions—from the lion’s mouth, murderous mobs and raging seas.

While we may be embarrassed by how some Christians misrepresent the gospel but that shouldn’t stop us from proudly proclaiming the true message of the gospel, that is, the revelation of God’s love for everyone.

God’s love is the source of the power of the gospel.

No matter how you feel towards God, He still loves and will always love you.

This is because the basis of your relationship with God rests fully on His love towards you. In other words, God will never hold anything against you or get mad with you because Christ’s perfect blood is more than enough to cleanse every sin you have committed and will ever commit. As such, you should never feel tired of hearing the gospel because it reminds you of how much God accepted and loved you—even when you were at one time alienated from God and had a hostile attitude towards Him.

It is only when you fully understand how much God loves you that you can grow the capacity to love Him as He loves you.


How has knowing God’s love really helps me grow as a believer?

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