20 …my words shall be fulfilled in their season [their fixed appointed time].
Luke 1:20, Greek Version

God doesn’t tell lies or change His mind.

What He says, He will do.

When He makes a promise, He will meet it.

God told Zechariah through the Angel Gabriel that His words shall be fulfilled in their season. The Greek word for “fulfilled” is pleróõ which means “to fill up, to amply supply”. God will not meet you halfway with His promises. He will satisfy you fully with every promise He made to you. Moreover, God says His promises are worth waiting for and He will make them happen—not in your timing, but His!

Often, we get discouraged with waiting. This only shows how impatient and insecure we are. Waiting time is not wasted time. When you think nothing is happening, something is happening.

God says He fulfils His words according to their season.

The Greek word for “season” is kairos which means “ripened time”. If you pluck a fruit before it is ripe, it is both inedible and unusable. In the same way, if God performs His promise before its proper time, you will not fully profit from it.

Too many believers make it an unnecessary burden to bear when God calls them to believe Him. While you can never completely comprehend everything God does, you can still trust God to do everything right for you in His time.

Don’t concern yourself with how God will do it or when God will do it.

Just believe that God will do it!

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