1 Therefore, having been justified by faith,
we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:1


Knowing our identity in Christ is the basis for our healing.

There is a connection between sin and sickness but the transformative power of God’s grace restores and heals us to wholeness. The gospel is clear that Jesus made provision for our healing in the atonement and the new covenant. However many believers are not enjoying the blessings and benefits of their life in Christ because they have not believed or grown in the revelation of what Christ had righteously paid for them on the cross.

In living out our identity in Christ we all must continually receive the gospel afresh until what Jesus has done for us on the cross matches our beliefs and convictions, leading onto our own life experience. One of the major blockages to health and well-being is the flawed feeling of unworthiness. Many believers feel they are not good enough for God to heal them and keep them strong and in good health. This sense of false guilt and condemnation will rob you of your confidence in Christ and his finished work.

Never forsake your new and unshakeable identity in Christ because you have been forever made right with God by His blood. In harmony with this truth the apostle Paul himself tells us that we now have peace with God. To have peace with God means whatever stood in the way between God and yourself was taken away because of Christ’s obedience at the cross. As a result it is no longer how you feel about yourself that matters but what God says about you through His word that will determine whether you receive His blessings and favour. Let God’s words about you inspire faith and expectation.

Remember that healing rightfully belongs to you in Christ by the stripes He bore, It is a right and privilege given to every born-again believer. Cast out any mixed feelings of fear and inadequacy and ask Jesus to remove what plagues your heart. You have direct access to God in your prayers so speak in revelation of who you are and receive what you have in Christ.

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