8 I cannot think of anyone more unworthy to this cause than I, the least of the least of the saints. But here I am, a grace-made man, privileged to be an echo of His voice and a preacher to all the nations of the riches of the Anointed One, riches that no one ever imagined.
Ephesians 3:8, Voice Bible

Many believers have yet to plumb the deep depth of grace.

They never fully appreciate the grace we were given, much less wonder at what makes it so richly amazing! This is probably why they are not even aware of the inconsistency between what they believe and how they act.

Anyone who claims to know grace and yet act anything but what grace is really about doesn’t really know grace very much. If, for instance, a believer has an inordinate fear of God while professing to know God’s grace, he is not behaving according to what he truly believes. Fear is actually his “true” gospel, while grace is only a distant idea.

Grace clears away every misconception we ever have about God and ourselves by showing us who we are in Christ, and grace shapes us according to what we are shown. For grace actually gives you the power to break the chains of bad attitudes and self-destructive behaviour in your life. Grace is about making progress, not perfection (which will only happen when we get to heaven).

Look at the Apostle Paul.

Whatever disqualified Paul from ministry, God’s grace qualified him much more than he could ever imagine. This explains why Paul could boldly declare that he was “grace-made”—for once unusable, he was made usable by grace. And the more he rested on God’s grace, the more he ran for God’s glory. In the same light, when you realise you are “grace-made” too, your relationship with God will become creative, life-giving and extraordinary.

Now, being in Christ, God is not searching for faults in you or treating you as your sins deserve. In other words, whenever God sees you, He will never say, “You still lack something”, but He will say, “Take hold of everything my Son has done for you―for you are made complete in Him.” When you stand firm on this truth, you will discover that God has so highly favoured you in Christ (Ephesians 1:6) that He is forever satisfied with you!

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