Most of us know the story of Joseph, of how he was betrayed and sold off by his brothers into slavery, and how, after many years, they saw him again and were surprised by his rise to power. After Jacob died, Joseph’s brothers were afraid that he would take revenge against them; however, Joseph assured them with these words:

20 Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as He is doing now.
Genesis 50:20, GOD’S WORD Translation

We can learn one important lesson here, that is, while God may not change your circumstances, He will change your perspective on how you see your circumstances.  

Even though his life didn’t go the way he expected, Joseph remained faithful to God and held on to God’s promises in spite of his circumstances and trials. Instead of becoming bitter over everything and everyone, Joseph saw past his brothers’ malicious deeds to see how God had turned everything into something good. If it wasn’t because of what his brothers did to him, Joseph wouldn’t be in the position to save his family, and the Egyptians, from starving to death and even prospered during the period of famine.

God is faithful.

Even though God may not move in a way you want or give you the answer you need, just trust God to weave His purpose into and between the fabric of life’s contradictions and conflicts. While you may not fully grasp why God allows certain things to happen the way they do, you can fully appreciate God’s power to work out all things for your good. 

Remember, God always knows what’s going on in your life better than you know yourself, and no matter what the situation may be, God has a perfect end-game in mind for you.  


In what specific ways have I witnessed God’s faithfulness to me?

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