1 Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear.
Isaiah 59:1 English Standard Version


God is never silent about our discomfort and pain. And neither is He indifferent or passive about it.

God feels our hurts and He feels them most accurately and intensely than we can ever imagine. He goes beyond and is greater than our human ability to feel, for He knows everything. So never assume that God’s silence is a form of emotional cruelty.

Perhaps God’s silence is His way of getting us to hear and verbalize the thoughts in our mind — and to help us realise for ourselves whether our friendship with Him is built on explicit trust or some self-concocted expectations.

The intent of God’s silence is not to break our faith in Him, but to build and make it stronger.

How we receive this perceived silence reveals where we are in our faith. It reveals our closeness with God, and also how mature we are in our ability to take the path in which He leads us. When God ceases to speak in the usual way we know, the gaping wounds of our fear, doubt or insecurity are uncovered; often the clamouring and conflicting voices we hear. We, however, have become so used to them that we don’t realise they keep us from hearing the true voice of God. Whether we express our wounds with raging disappointment or suppress them with self-medicated distractions, we are poisoning ourselves from the inside out.

We have gotten so used to being broken ourselves that the promise of the gospel sounds alienating and actually impossible to believe. We want to be healed but our brokenness has become our new normal. We are afraid of being whole. Our wounds can either sideline us from trusting God or make us go to God with a humble heart. Sometimes it will take some serious wrestling with God before we agree to let Him touch our wounds.

God heals us with His grace. He completes what He has begun in us.

Our healing is necessary for it builds faith and ensures a long lasting and growing friendship with God. When He calms our hearts with His deliberate silence, He recalibrates each of us with a greater experience of His grace, goodness, glory and love. This deepens our intimacy with Him and brings us back to who He made us to be in Christ.


Has my relationship to God become empty? Or do I yearn ever more for Him?

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