3 Entrust your efforts to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.
Proverbs 16:3 God’s Word Translation


To succeed, it is important to never give up.

Do not allow yesterday’s disappointments to have the last and final say on your dreams and plans for tomorrow. Be your own best cheerleader even when there is no one left to cheer you on right now, for believing in yourself comes before trying to convince others to believe in you. This is because, in spite of your best efforts, you will face naysayers, dream-killers and false prophets of doom.

Success is hard work. It is because you are pressing ahead and at the same time, pushing back all those voices telling you it is too hard, too unrealistic, and that you can’t finish or simply just not good enough to win.

Success starts when you stop believing these lies, and your fears.

Not all of your feelings of fear are wrong – they act as mental brakes to slow you down or warning lights prompting you to consider the risks involved. However, when you unwisely give in to your fears, their inordinate power can have such a grip on your heart and imagination, that you have stopped even before you have begun.

Not many great men and women in history got it right at their first attempt. But their greatness came out from the trenches of their never-ending resolute to never give up . You are no less in vision, courage and forte. The difference is whether you surrender too early or press on till the last flickering light.

You may ask yourself: “What if I don’t succeed after all I have done?”

You succeed first by growing and not by earning a trophy, accolade or receive recognition from others. You have already started becoming a success because you have learnt from your mistakes, and understanding why things didn’t work out in those instances. The truth is that instead of perceiving it as a failure, these are lessons in life that we have not learned or in the past were unwilling to learn. This is why having a teachable heart is needed if we want to reach God’s dreams for our lives.

Anyone who chooses to learn from their mistakes will recover their momentum for good success. A failure is not one who has tried and failed but the one who failed to learn and try again. So commit to the Lord whatever you do and you will surely succeed.


What plans are you making in your life? Are you including God in every one of them?

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