Is prayer a personal struggle for you?

God does not need us to pray. Jesus prays because He loves the Father and longs for the Father’s will to be done in and through Him. We ought to share this same attitude if we desire to grow as sons and daughters of our Father.

It’s definitely difficult to pray when the status of your relationship with God is unclear.

Consider John’s word here:

21 Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us,
we have confidence toward God.
1 John 3:21

The Greek word for “condemnation” is kataginōskō which means “to find fault with, to accuse”. Condemnation is saying and believing awful things about yourself and not believing God for what He had already done for you in Christ. Condemnation is rebellion. It robs you of your identity and frustrates your purpose.

A person under condemnation will lose his or her confidence in God.

The Greek word for “confidence” is parrēsia which means “to speak freely without fear, or reservation”. You don’t have to beat around the bush or play hard to get with God. Prayer is holding an enjoyable conversation with our Father. You can genuinely tell God how you feel, show Him where you are hurting, ask Him for strength to face overwhelming challenges, and trust Him to reveal and supply what you need in each season of life.

Prayer will build your faith and expectation to receive from God.

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