3 But Jesus is worthy to receive a much greater glory than Moses, for the one who builds a house deserves to be honoured more than the house he builds. 4 Every house is built by someone, but God is the Designer and Builder of all things.
5 Indeed, Moses served God faithfully in all he gave him to do. His work prophetically illustrates things that would later be spoken and fulfilled. 6 But Christ is more than a Servant, he was faithful as the Son in charge of God’s house.
Hebrews 3:3-6, The Passion Translation


You do not serve as a servant but as a son or a daughter of our most loving Father.

The Apostle Paul used the example of Moses and Jesus to illustrate that a servant and a son serve with a different mindset and attitude. Moses saw himself doing a task for His God. Jesus, in contrast, proved Himself faithful to His Father. When you are able to make the distinction, you will manifest a spirit of excellence in your life and ministry.

A spirit of excellence is tied to your relationship with God.

An authentic and intimate life with God enables you to do ministry with more ease and rest. It is not you, but God who is enabling you both to will and to work for His good pleasure. This is rest at work. But if the rest at work aspect of your relationship with God is missing, then serving others can lead to frustration, exhaustion and burnout. This happened to Moses. Instead of speaking to the rock in faith, he angrily struck the rock twice with his staff.. By his disobedience, Moses forfeited the privilege of entering the Promised Land.

As a son, Jesus obeyed the Father and willingly chose to go to the cross. His obedience enabled God the Father to save Jesus and raised Him from the dead thereby opening the door to your salvation.

It is important to serve with a right heart and spirit.

Sometimes, we can easily forget why we are serving in the first place.

If this is you, please allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of your identity to help you live your life as a true son or daughter to the Father and as a brother or sister to each other. What a privilege we are honourably called together to build a holy house that touches the world with God’s perfect love.

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