24 “Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation. Matthew 7:24, The Passion Translation


Hearing God is easy but choosing to obey can be challenging.

We all need to learn how to apply and respond to the Word of God and understand how it prepares us for every season we are going through. Living out the Word of God can be as individuals, families or church communities.

Jesus told His disciples if they hold onto His teachings and follow Him, they will have wisdom in all situations and confidence to deal with life’s struggles. Storms will test and try your faith. If you build your foundation on Jesus who is the Living Word of God, you can thrive and stand firm in the midst of challenges because Jesus has already secured your victory.

Watch for roadblocks preventing you from hearing God.

Take the time to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s thoughts in His Word. Do not lose the sense of amazement over God’s grace in the gospel.

In the Bible, God called many. Before God could use them He journeyed with them through crucial lessons of obedience. God wanted them to know they truly belong to Him and nothing could ever separate them from His unconditional love. This sense of belonging and securing of trust is vital if they are to love and serve God.

The more you understand God’s Word, value the relationship you have with Christ, hold dearly to who you are and what you have in Him, the stronger you become in your faith. How strong? When your faith is no longer a pursuit or struggle, but you are fully resting in the unchangeable love of God towards you. It can happen right now! The only thing to do is to agree with God and see yourself in the way He sees you.

Walking in the truth of the gospel of God’s grace releases faith to you to believe and trust God. All things are possible when God in Christ is the Source and Supplier of your faith.

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