19 Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations.
Matthew 28:19 The Passion Translation


What makes a Christian a disciple of Christ?

It is when we actively and intentionally follow Christ and submit to His command in obeying the Great Commission. As we embrace and grow more fully into our identity in Christ, we will learn to pursue Christ’s call to live out our faith passionately for Him every day and everywhere.

Christ’s Great Commission is for every believer, and not just for a few selected saints.

However, there are those who interpret the Great Commission as a suggestion, that is, something we do if we have time, rather than a command we obey and faithfully endeavour to carry out.

We obey, not because it is commanded of us, as if to a threatening ultimatum. Rather, our obedience is both a reflection and evidence of God’s love and grace is working in us and through us. Because God is love and He lives within us—He inspires and empowers us to do everything out of love, not fear. Thus, to obey is not a burden but a joy and privilege. This is because God is inviting us to partner with Him in fulfilling His will for all to be saved.

When every one of us share God’s desire for people to come to a saving knowledge of the truth in Christ Jesus, we are actually moving away from “Churchianity” into “Christianity” as our Lord intended and His apostles instructed.

Churchianity is not Christianity.

It misrepresents Christ’s Great Commission. It gives the idea as though the church is more important than Christ. It insidiously subsume God’s Kingdom agenda into its own by drawing attention to its offering of programs and activities without calling people to actually encounter Jesus in the Scripture and Spirit.

Continually consider your friendship and relationship with our Lord in the light of His gospel. You will not only start right but also stay right on course.


Application: What is the Holy Spirit saying to me from today’s scripture reading? What is it saying about God and me and helping me in my Christian walk?

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