1Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases.
Luke 9:1

Authority and power are not inborn or cultivated by hard work.

They are established for you through Christ’s finished work on the cross. It is because of your identity in Christ that you are given both authority and power to live and act in His name.

By giving the twelve disciples both authority and power, Jesus empowered them for victory at every turn. In the same light, you don’t need to ask for “more” authority or “more” power as long as you walk in the revelation of your identity. Keep defining yourself in Christ and you will grow in the strength of your authority and power.

The opposite of authority and power is self-rejection.

Self-rejection contradicts God’s revelation of your identity in Christ.

By not holding on to the truth, you will struggle for acceptance for the rest of your life. Instead of rooting your identity in God’s perfect love, you will find other forms of validation to give you security. Success, good looks, popularity and wealth only create pseudo-identity, but they are not permanent or guaranteed. Unfortunately, those who go for these things often get distracted from their real call in life. And if your identity and sense of self-worth are wrapped up in these things, you will experience insecurity if anything prevents you from possessing them.

Always remember who you are, and authority and power will emerge from you.

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